Nutrition: Infant

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What to Eat in a High Fiber Diet?

I spoke with a nutrionist and she suggested I eat foods high in fiber in order to stay regular, she also stated that a high fiber diet will help to loose belly fat and bloating. What kind of high fiber meals do you eat? Thanks for taking the time

Bottle & Breastfeeding

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Why Are You Still Breastfeeding?

**I'm not bashing either formula feeding or nursing just a discussion** Are you bottle or breastfeeding? I answer "breastfeeding" and I always get "Why!?" or "How are you still breastfeeding?" I only know a handful of mothers but all with the exception of my aunt (different generation) never nursed past 3 months. Same thing as women I meet or speak with in the baby aisles at the store. It really seems as if most women hate, can not, or will not breastfeed. But why? If you can breastfeed (no medical conditions) why then choose formula?...


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Help with Digestion Issues

Hi Moms, I need some help for my little boy. For the past two weeks he has had a cold/infection (stuffy nose, cough, etc). It runs for a couple of days, gets better, and then comes back. At the same time he is having some digestion issues, mainly diarrhea. He has not had a solid bm in 2 weeks. On doctors orders, we fed him nothing but formula, pedialyte, rice cereal and bananas for days. Not helping. Do you have any of your own ideas on how to treat this chronic diarrhea? We need it to stop as we can not give him antibiotics for the...


Infant with Gas

My 2 month old son has been suffering from long periods of excessive gas-...

Eating Out

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Eating Out at Restaurants

My husband and I really enjoy eating out at a restaurant once a week. My daughter always comes with us and has been very well behaved except for the last couple of times. She doesn't want to sit at the table...she cries and just wants to climb all over me. We always make sure to go out early (at her normal dinner time) and to get there before there is a wait. We bring a few toys, snacks so she has something to munch on before her dinner arrives and she always had crayons and papers. I feel we should maybe stop going for a while until she...


Restaurants for Kids

I'm so burned out on taking my kids out for chicken nuggets, burgers, pasta ...


Feeding Accessories

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Good Nursing Pillow

Hi Ladies---Wondering if anyone can recommend a favorite nursing pillow out there? I've heard of the Boppy, but I'm wondering if there are some better than others, i.e. different benefits, etc.? Let me know!! Thanks in advance! K.

Healthy Eating

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Healthy Snack Recipes

I am soo sick of eating crappy most of the time. I am not a big fast food person but I still find ways to eat pretty lousy! LOL. Anyway, I want to start with some healthy snacks. I like to snack at night and I dont see that going away anytime soon. I found a delicious recipe for strawberry shortcake muffins and they are great! No flour, so gluten free and the main ingredients are oats and plain greek yogurt. At about 95 calories each they are a great snack and I feel satisfied afterward. I will post a link to the recipe in my SWH,...


Healthy Eating Out ?

Can anyone suggest a place for lunch or diner out that has a little more...


Good Healthy Ideas!!

my husband and i live with my husbands family while he is in school, my...


Healthy Snacks

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Snacks or No Snacks?

Two of my girls are going through a very picky eating stage. They're 2 and 4. Some people say kids really need snacks, but if either one of them has snacks, they won't eat their dinner, unless of course it's something they love (ie pizza, or take out which we don't have often) My rule has always been, if they eat their meal, they can have one snack later. If not, they don't eat till their next meal. I've been catching grief from my mother about this and I was wondering if anyone else does this, or thinks I'm aweful for doing this.

Juice & Milk

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Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what is too much? I give my son milk in the morning when he gets up and then he gets water with some juice until dinner, where he gets milk again. There are some days I swear he can drink 40- 50 oz. of liquids. Is that too much?


Toddlers with Juice?

My daughter is 16 months old. We have kept juice from her up to this point...


Soda vs Juice

Sorry to highjack bumblebee's post.... but all the comments insinuating that...

Limiting Sweets & Sugar

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Kids and Sweets- Healthy Mom Wants to Know If Its Realistic to Hold off on Sugar

When I pictured being a mom, I pictured being one of those mom's who kept all sugar and junk food out of the diet until they were three of four. Possibly going vegetarian and having the healthiest children who didn't even whine for soda or treats because they scarcely knew what they were. But today I pulled a mango/cream Popsicle out of my freezer and ate it (I try not to have sweets in the house, it was from last summer and I'm still trying to loose the last 7 lbs from pregnancy!). My 8 month old is just expressing interest in our food...


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Getting Fluids Down

Hi mamas, My neice is 10 months and has caught the rotavirus. She was hospitalized for a few days but came home today. She won't take any fluids. My sister is desperate because they said if she doesn't get her to take something soon, she will be back in the hospital. do you mamas have any advice?


Milk and Juice

I am wondering how many ounces of liquids does a 16 month old need? And what...


Overweight or Underweight

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6 Yr Old Weight Issue???

Hi, my 6 yr old daughter has always been pretty average with her weight, she takes more after my husband who is a tall kinda big guy. Her weight has never been an issue at the dr, she was always in the 50th to 60th percentile. Well we just went for her well visit and she has jumped in weight to the 80th percentile and only 30th percentile for her height. She is a beautiful little girl, who literally stops poeple that tell her how beautiful she is constantly. I am so out of the loop on any of this weight stuff, because I am a tiny person and...


My Daughter's Weight

I am very concerned about my 1st born - nine month old daughter's weight...


Over Weight Kid

How do i get my 14 yr old son to stop eating for fun not because he is...

Picky Eater

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Very Picky Eater

My 15 month old is a ver picky eater. There are certain things she likes, and anything new i put in front of her she either just smashes it or throws it on the floor. She already eats chicken fingers (or any other sort of very plain chicken that i make for dinner) pizza, meatballs, french fries, applesauce, grapes or raisins, french toast sticks, waffles, blueberry muffins, spaghettios, mac n cheese, grilled cheese,yogurt, ham. Thats about it, no veggies, andonly grapes, no other fruits. She has a well check soon and im definetly going to...


My Picky Eater

I have a 4 year old son who is a very picky eater. I am wondering if there...

Refusing to Eat

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Refuses to Eat Baby Food...

Hello, My son is almost 9 months old and is just learning to chew and is refusing to eat his pureed dinners. I mostly give him Earth Best Organic stage 2 dinners. He does eat gerber puffs and teething cookies but I worry about giving him whole food so soon. Any suggestions on what to feed him besides mashed potatoes and soup?


She Won't Eat

My daughter just turned 2 and she has started going out of her way to NOT...

Solid Foods & Weaning

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Eatting Solid Food

My 14 month daughter does't care about eatting solid food. When I bring food to feed her, she never be happy. I have to play her favorite DVD, she will opens her mouth sometime. Sometimes she keeps food in her mouth but not swallow it, or sometimes spits it out. If I put her in highchair, it will be worse. The only time I feel her hungry is at night. Because I am still breastfeeding, she still eats several times at night. I read alot about let her be hungry, she will eat when she is hungry. But at night she just cry to eat. Sometimes I...


How Do I Wean?

How do I wean my 11 mos old that will not eat other foods? She'll eat foods...


Solid Food Advice

Hi, I am a mom to twin 6 month olds and we have just begun solid foods...

Vitamins & Supplements

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Supplements and Vitamins

I was told to start taking supplements and vitamins 3 months before I got pregnant but I do not know which ones I should start taking. What were you told to take when you were pregnant?

Weight Management

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Healthy Eating Out ?

Can anyone suggest a place for lunch or diner out that has a little more healthier menu. Vegatables/Fruit. Thanks