Infant: Da Vinci

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Robotic, "Da Vinci' Hysterectomy

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

HI Mama's- After dealing with stage 5 endometriosis for the last 20 years, being done having babies, and being one of the 'lucky' ones who has post baby endo just ...


Crib Advice

E.U. asks from New York

I am shopping for a convertible crib. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to go with the Da Vinci cribs that are sold through Amazon. They got great reviews, as far as co...


Need a Few Baby Einstein Dvds and Books

J.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamas, I'm looking for Baby Einstein DVD's and books. There are a specific few: DVDs-Baby Van Gogh (colors), Baby Newton (shapes), Baby Shakespeare (poetry), Nu...


Baby Waking and Wanting Pacifier (a.k.a. Dear God, I'm So Tired!)

E.K. asks from Seattle

So, my baby (20 weeks old) is incredibly oral...has been since birth. Everyone, including her occupational therapist, noted that a pacifier is a must for her: she si...


Smaller Crib Recommendations and Slings

J. asks from Chicago

Hello! I am expecting baby #2 and live in a small house. Both my older daughter and the newborn will be roommates after the baby is originally with me in my room fo...


Looking for Used Glider Rocker And/or Crib

H. asks from Minneapolis

I am expecting a second baby in December and am looking to purchase a used glider rocker with ottoman and/or a crib. If you or someone you know would like to sell, p...


My Empty Nursery

M.B. asks from Biloxi

I am having trouble finding quality nursery sets (ie: grow-with-me crib, changing table, chest of drawers, and dresser) that don't cost a bundle. I am willing to spen...


Travel System and Crib Recommendation for Infants

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

We are not sure whether to go with Graco or Chicco brands for travel system.Chicco seems to be more compact and light weight.Please let me know if you have used any o...


Seeking Preschool in Lakewood/East Dallas

M.W. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 6 months old and I am wanting to get her on a waiting list for a preschool. I know this is already too late for some preschools! Can anyone recommend...


Have You Ever Had Endometrial Ablation?

T.D. asks from Albuquerque

I have been offered to have Endometrial Ablation done on me for crazy heavy menstration. Just wondering if any of you mom have had it? I am concerned about the pain d...