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Are BumGenius Itchy for Baby?

L.C. asks from Detroit

I received two newborn-size BumGenius 3.0 AIO diapers, and noticed that they have a stiff, square patch of material sewn in the back of them near the waistline. It se...


bumGenius And Other Cloth Diaper Options

L.B. asks from Dayton

I am interested in CDing my first baby, due in August. I have been thinking about the bumGenius one-size diapers but am not sure how many I will need for a typical da...


bumGenius Cloth Diapers?

S.S. asks from Glens Falls

Has anyone used the bumGenius cloth diapers? Good or bad experiences? Any other brands you would recommend? (Preferably ones that do not require you to buy the flus...


Bumgenius VS. Kushies

N.M. asks from Austin

If this has already been covered, my apologies. I have read several complete threads regarding cloth diapering recommendations, but can't read all of the threads. I a...


Bumgenius Cloth Diapers

K.R. asks from Denver

I use Bumgenius 4.0 diapers with my little guy. However, he has a diaper rash (I think because of teeth), and I was wondering if there was a diaper cream that will w...


Cloth Diapers - BumGenius - New Born ?

J.K. asks from Philadelphia

Hello Ladies, I have a question for you regarding the BumGenius cloth diapers. Currnetly i use the BG3.0 on my DS (21ms). I LOVE this product. I am due in decem...


Laundering Prefolds and Bumgenius Cloth Diapers

L.L. asks from Seattle

I am using cloth diaper and I am very happy with how it is going thus far. My daughter is 3 weeks old and exclusively breast fed. I am using the prefolds and covers...


bumGenius 3.0 Organic W/ Snaps

L.B. asks from Dayton

Hello! I purchased the bumGenius 3.0 organic diapers with snaps and LOVE them. They wash very well and come out looking like new. I do however, have an issue with lea...


BumGenius 4.0

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I need to switch out the insert it came with. It isn't as absorbant enough for my little one. I'm not sure what else to use, or buy. I don't want to double up with th...


BumGenius Diapers Leaking EVERY night-Help!!

L.T. asks from Duluth

My 12 month old daughter is soaking through her BG OS every single night. Not only is this a pain in the butt because we have to change her sheets and pjs every morni...