Difference Between Similac Advance and Similac Go & Grow

Updated on November 16, 2009
I.J. asks from Monahans, TX
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Is it possible for similac go & grow to cause constipation on a 7 mth old baby? I didn't realize I was giving my baby go & grow and he has been constipated for about 3 weeks. I was planning on taking him to the doctor but when I realized the formula was not the right one I wondered if this could be the cause of the constipation. I started him back on the similac advance today, I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. BTW besides the formula everything I feed him is the same. But to help relieve the constipation I've given him prunes baby food, prune/apple juice w/water, nothing with bananas, and no rice cereal.

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So What Happened?

I took C to pediatrician today and he prescribed a stool softener. He said the formula shouldn't have caused the constipation. We'll see what happens during the next week. I'll let you know. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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Both my boys developed constipation when i changed formula on them. I read somewhere to mix in a little corn syrup in with their formula--i think about 1-2 tsp per bottle and it worked well, but I've only used it 2 times. Some advise not to use corn syrup because of the lack of pasteurization, but considering the discomfort they were in, i gave it to them anyway and they were both fine. Straight up prunes should work too. Good luck!



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I don't have any experience with formula per se, but yes, the change in diet could be the cause of the constipation. Especially if they are supposed to be mixed at different concentrations--you could have inadvertantly been mixing the "new" one too strong. They may also have different levels or types of iron that could cause a disruption.

Pears and peaches are another good way to add fiber and relieve constipation.




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One thing that works really well for constipation is Miralax it is a stool softner not a laxitve just softner and I put it in with the formula. About a 2 tsp. Works within 24 hours and is harmless. recommended by my pedi dr.



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Go & Grow is milk based and for babies over 12 months. Similac Advanced is the formula for under 12 months! Probably just have issues with the milk based content at that age they don't have the enzymes to properly digest. Good luck!!

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