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Looking for Fall Events

What are your favorite Fall events? I am interested in local events, such as Farmers Markets and Fests. Most of them are ending now, so I'm wondering what some of your favorite Fall events might be. These may even be school events that happen every year. Please share your infinite wisdom with me. Thanks in advance!!!


Mommy & Daddy Events

Hi mommas & dads! I am in search of a list of events that occur in a child's...


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1St Birthday Party B-day Cake Without Dairy or Wheat

Hello moms, my baby has his first birthday on June 25th and we want him to be able to celebrate with a b-day cake (mainly for pictures, not because most of it makes it in his mouth but rather on the floor!) but we need ideas for cake recipes that are dairy and wheat free. He is lactose intolerant and we are choosing to keep him off of wheat until he is 18 months old. He can eat oat, rice, and corn flour, but just no dairy or wheat. I'm thinking maybe some sort of carrot cake, because he loves carrots, without the cream cheese frosting? Any...


Baby's First B-day!!

Hello everyone. In two weeks my baby boy will turn 1 year old, so Dad and I...

Holiday Visits

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Holiday Visits with Family

I would like to get some advice on what we should do. How do you divide up time between parents and in-laws as far as holiday visits? Ever since my brother got married, he and his wife always go to her family's house first for each holiday and come to our mom's house late in the evening. Then they will only stay for a little while and leave. They spend all day at her family's house. This is beginning to get to my mom and the rest of us as we feel we get the short end. We have learned that this is what is going to happen again this year...


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Facebook Wedding Invitation???

i received a wedding invitation on facebook recently. It was one of those event invitations where you mark yes, no, or maybe. I did not attend the wedding since I figured that if they really wanted me to attend I would have received a REAL invitation in the mail. Some of my (much younger) friends are teasing me about this. Am I being a 38-year old fuddy-duddy, or is a facebook wedding invitation inappropriate?


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Boating with Infant

Hi There, wanted to know if any of you outdoorsy moms out there have had experience with taking infants on boats. My little girl (2 months) does great on the boat, but an infant sized life jacket is still way too big to function properly or be comfortable. We had the same issue with my now 2 year old son. Typically we take them in their car seat/carrier and just place it on the floor infront of the passanger side seat under the windshield. This works great for us, but I know it is technically illegal. We have been lucky and have not...