Infant: Reebok

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Looking for a Used Baby Jogging Stroller

J.M. asks from St. Louis

Are there any Moms in the St. Louis area who might have a used baby jogging strolling that they would like to sell. I don't want to buy a new one just in case my two...



N.P. asks from Denver

How in the world to you maintain good posture with an infant? I find than if I have good posture I feel like I'm being stiff and my baby will feel that. Any ideas?


Wide Baby Shoes W/ Arch Nowhere to Be Found!!! Please Help!

M.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, My son has been in physical therapy for slight torticullos (among other things). One of the 'quirks' he has is the tendency to point his toes, walk on his toes...


2Nd Grade BOY Worried About What "Brand"

T.L. asks from St. Louis

As we walked into Dairy Queen tonight my son asked, "What brand are your shoes?" I replied "Reebok, why?" He replied, "O mine are Nike." Next we get home and he pi...


Seeking Cheap Indoor Activities for Baby on UWS

A.M. asks from New York

Hi everyone - I am mom to a very active, energetic 7-month-old boy who is already crawling and standing up. As fall and winter approach, I am starting to get a bit ne...


Wanting to Buy a Good Treadmill for Running and a Nortitrack 880 Elliptical

J.M. asks from Dallas

Hey girls, Wondering if any of you have or know someone who has a good treadmill that is made for running and a Nortitrack 880 elliptical that is just taking up space...


Buying Shapeups

S.S. asks from New York

Hi All, I have a small doubt about buying Shapeups . I had been planning on buying a pair of them but never got around for some reason or other. Now I am pregnant ...


Jogging Strollers

R.M. asks from Chicago

I am looking to buy a good running stroller, and I don't know how much to spend for one that'll be comfortable for my baby as well as last without fear of breaking do...



H.V. asks from Cleveland

Have anyone of you tried out those Sketchers Shape ups??My sister just bought some and says she loves them. She offered to buy me a pair for Mother's day. Are they g...


Must We Price Everything at $1??

M.S. asks from Washington DC

We are participating in a big "kids stuff" sale this weekend. Its called "Kids Nearly New Sale" and its at our local fairgrounds and familys rent booths and sell ba...