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Does Anyone Use Earth's Best Organic Formula?

K.S. asks from Dallas

I just saw a news report today that stated "Rocket Fuel" has been found in infant formula. In the study, they said they can not identify which brands were


Who Would like to Take Some Earth's Best Baby Food Jars?

M.M. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I have about 30 baby food jars from Earth's Best(summer vegetables, green vegetables with rice, winter squash...) that my son doesn't want to eat them. ...


Seeking Soy Free Infant Rice Cereal

K.B. asks from Lincoln

I am looking for a soy free infant rice cereal for my baby....Any Ideas?? Thanks


Infant Formulas

C.S. asks from New York

I know breast feeding is best but I am not able to breast feed for medical reasons. I want some feedback on which formula is best and why. Can anyone help? I know of ...


Infant Constipation

J.S. asks from Tampa

Do all 6 month olds (or infants) have constipation? It seems that my 6 month old daughter who I have breastfed since birth is now getting some solids in her feeding ...


Looking for Alternative to Infant Formula

S.H. asks from Chicago

Hello. I am the parent of a baby that was 3 months premature. She is just over two months old (adjusted age) and is about 5 months old chronologically. She was in ...


Baby's Only Organic Toddler Formula

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

I am interested in using this formula. I want to use an organic formula and the only 2 I can find is this one and Earth's Best which apparently has "toxic hexane" due...


Baby Suncreen

C.H. asks from Portland

I have a precious baby boy that is almost 2 1/2 months that I would like to protect from the sun! I am lucky that he loves his stroller and going for walks, we usual...


How to Get Rid of GAS in an Infant

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Does anyone have an ideas how to get rid of GAS? My daughter is only 1 month old, and has gas so bad, that she cries after she eats. I've tried rubbing her stomach, m...


Baby Acne?????

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

My son is almost 5 months old and started on Stage 1 fruits about 3 weeks ago. We started with pears, then peaches, bananas, applesauce and now we're onto sweet pota...