Vaccinations for Infant

Updated on September 07, 2012
R.M. asks from Camarillo, CA
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I was wondering how many actual shots others' pediatricians were giving the two month old babies these days. When I was at UCLA with my first there were only three. My pediatrician now says we have six to look forward to plus we have to go to public health if we want the meningitis shot. Seven shots in one sitting is a little too much for me to put my infant through.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much to all who responded. I know vax's are a hot debate these days especially since I have been working in the field of Autism for the past six years. My 3 year old had no adverse reactions to any vax, not even a fever, but I only remember her getting three pokes at any one appointment. I just can't believe there are so many more in such a short amount of time. Its so scary thinking of my tiny baby getting sick from any of these diseases but it would be worse for her to get sick from the very thing that is intended to protect her. Thanks again for your responses.

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I had my doc break up my son's immunizations. Instead of doing a 3 month and 6 month check up with bundles of 4-6 shots. We did two shots (one in each leg) every month until we were caught up. AND we only did the shots that were preventative.

Here is what we did:
2 months: DTap & HIB (diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough & meningitis)
3 months: Polio & Pneumococcal
4 months: DTaP & HIB
5 months: Pneumococcal (they were out of the Polio)
6 months: Polio & DTap
9 months: HIB & Pneumococcal
12 months: Last of HIB & Pneumococcal
and at our next appointment we will probably finish up the DTap & Polio.

Stuff like the MMR bundle can wait until the little one is older (18-2 years), plus you can have that one broken up as well. I personally didn't get my Hep B shot until I was sexually active but it's recommended earlier now. And lastly my doctor leaves the chicken pox vaccination up to me.

Don't settle for a doctor who tells you what to do. AND more importantly don't let some of the fear based sites scare you into no immunizations at all. Educate yourself with facts from reputable sources and then make up your own mind. I had so much negative and erroneous stuff thrown at me when I sought out to find a doctor who had a balanced opinion of the immunization issue. If you are interested in some balanced web sites that give you both sides of the issue I'd be happy to email them to you. The vaccination issue is a hot one so be ready for some VERY opinionated mamas.



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I would have to look at my daughters records but I do believe there are 6 now. And PLEASE get the meningitis shot!!! I have not heard of a DR not doing the shot in the office though. I have 3 babies and my 3rd was in ICU @ 7-weeks old! It was the most awful thing I have ever gone thru! She is now 7-months old and totally healthy.
They normally group the shots together. Example: DTaP shot is 3-shots in one, then the HIB and then I believe there is one really your baby will get poked 3-times but have a total of 5 or 6 vaccinations.

Good Luck!



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They can't make you give your child any shots. I've refused all my sons shots till his last visit. He's 10 months old now and has only had one whooping cough shot. I think all the shots now a days are unnecessary. I didn't get half of them when I was little I turned out fine. But that's just me most people will disagree.



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I agree with you that 7 shots for an infant is too much. I have 2 children. I stopped vaxxing my son (now 7.5) at 6 months... I wanted to wait till he was older, stronger and not do SO MANY in one visit. (I gave him his last DTaP at age 6, which I thought was reasonable at the time.) Many people choose selective/delayed option. My daughter has had only one at age 2 (I thought we were going to travel abroad) and I delayed the trip so she would not have to get any others. That's how much I do not want her to have toxins injected in her unnecessarily. Mothering Magazine has an active, knowledgeable anti-vax board. Their current issue (Jan/Feb 2008) has an article by Dr. Robert Sears about aluminum in vaccines and that's really eye opening. I'm so glad I didn't get daughter any more shots.
Dr. Jay Gordon, a Los Angeles pediatrician with a column in Fit Pregnancy magazine has a DVD on vaccines. He is also an advocate of delayed/selective shots.

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