Infant: Bath Toys

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Bath Toys

N.J. asks from Dayton

Does anyone know of some good bath toys for a one year old. She already has the squeaky ones and used to love them but now she is done playing with them. Also some su...


Bath Toys

R.P. asks from Lansing

I'm looking for ideas of household items that make good bath son loves the bath but I want to give him more to play with in the tub without going out and ...


Bath Toys

J.B. asks from Kansas City

So, my son's bath toys are getting kinda icky and I am not sure of the best way to clean them. I have heard that you can use a bleach and water mixture and have them...


How to Clean/steralize Bath Toys

J.G. asks from Seattle

Hello everyone! I was just curious about what other mommies do to clean their babies bath toys? I get anxious about using bleach? If that's what do to, how much? I...


Stinky Bath Toys!

F.G. asks from Dallas

Ok I run my kids bath toys through the dishwasher about every one to two weeks, I use the sanitize wash and everything. But I have noticed a gross film on them and th...


Cleaning Bath Toys

R.F. asks from Chicago

Hi! Our daughter absolutely loves rubber ducks and all the little squirting plastic abth toys she can get her hands on. The problem is that after a while they all see...


Cleaning Bath Toys

S.B. asks from Columbus

Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to clean bathtub toys. My son loves playing with toys in the tub but it seems they always have mildew inside. We have av...


Cleaning Bath Toys

A.A. asks from Dayton

Does anyone know of a good, easy way to clean the kind of bathtub toys with the squeaky hole in the bottom? My daughter has a ton of them, and they always seem to ret...


Infant Toys

T.C. asks from Indianapolis

Hi there I have a 10 week old and am looking for the best infant toys, play mats, tummy time mats, etc...any suggestions?