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Updated on September 24, 2010
E.A. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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I was just curious... I found out earlier today about the Similac recall that was announced today and was kinda surprised that there hasn't really been any questions posted on here (I think I saw 1 so far?)

My hubby and I watched the news this afternoon & evening and there weren't any news stories on it either. Is this something that isn't really a big deal (just some people overreacting) or do not a lot of people know about it?

Here's the Similac website for it, just in case:

We had 3 containers of Similac and found out that all 3 of ours (including one that was hidden under the bed and nearly empty but seriously from at least 2-3 months ago) are all included in this recall...

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answers from Portland on

I don't know, insect larva in my babies formula sounds like kind of a big deal to me. Gross!
My husband works in a pharmacy and they all say don't use it until they fix the problem. Also, I was told if your baby has diarrhea for more than three days while on similac, then go straight to the doctors.

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answers from Portland on

I agree with Loving Life. This is not serious. An insect part may irritate baby's stomach. There are so many things in our environment that do worse. Babies even pick up and mouth insects at home. About the 2-3 mos old can. Your baby has already reacted or not by now. I wouldn't worry.



answers from Chicago on

It's very responsible of Similac to recall this because of insect parts BUT it does not pose a safety risk which is maybe why there isn't much discussion around this. The biggest risk they are stating is a stomach ache.



answers from Columbus on

There were several posts yesterday but I believe Mamapedia was pulling them b/c it's considered an announcement which is against the rules. It just depends how you word your post. Some Moms copied and pasted the announcement from other websites which is why I believe they were pulled.

Our containers were part of the recall. My son has not been eating and very fussy lately. As soon as I found out about the recall I ran and got liquid formula and he's completely changed. He's sucking his bottles down now and is back to being the happy little baby that he is.

I disagree with the Moms who said it's not serious. If it was their child being affected, I'm sure they would feel differently.


answers from Dallas on

Wow....none of the like 6 containers at my house were recalled. Guess I got lucky. Atleast they are taking care of the problem, but there are worse things than bug parts in formula...really. Something...deadly, perhaps?



answers from Peoria on

I had two containers of formula that were recalled also. I tried posting about the recall on here when I heard about it yesterday, but it was removed "because Mamapedia is reserved for asking advice" I was a little surprised about that!

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