Infant: Munchkin

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Munchkin Products

C.W. asks from Lexington

Has anyone ever used the munchkin fresh food feeder? The things with little handles and the little mesh bag to put fresh food in? I got a pack of two the other day an...


Munchkin Fresh Food Teether

J.A. asks from New York

Hello, my little boy just turned 7 months old. I received a two pk. of the Munchking mesh fresh food teethers for my shower and have still yet to use them. My baby ...


Infant Asthma

S.B. asks from Washington DC

My almost 5 month old son has been wheezing for about a month now. Our pediatrician tried several meds but they didn't really help much, so he sent us to a pediatric...


Infant Constipation

J.S. asks from Tampa

Do all 6 month olds (or infants) have constipation? It seems that my 6 month old daughter who I have breastfed since birth is now getting some solids in her feeding ...


Need Ideas for Infant Bathing

M.K. asks from San Francisco

I live in an apartment with my husband and 6 month old baby boy. We have a small bathroom (unfortunately, no tub- only a shower!) and cannot afford to move right now...


How Do You Protect Infant from the Sun and Mosquitos?

L.W. asks from Raleigh

We are going to a cook out for Memorial Day. I'm just curious how you have your baby outside day and/or night, and not worry about mosquitos and the sun? He will be 4...


What Do You Really Need for an Infant?

L.L. asks from Hartford

So it's been 8 years since I last had a baby to care for. I am expecting again and am at a loss for what I really need and trying to prioritize. I have looked at many...


Infant Sleep Positioner

L.D. asks from Los Angeles

So my little 2 week old DD is doing great we just need a little help figuring out the best night time sleeping situation. She doesn't like her crib (either flat or a...


Baby Shower & Registry..

K.L. asks from Portland

Hello~ I am trying to register for my baby shower & figure out all of the necessary items we will be needing for our daughter. Money has been very tight lately, due t...


What Brand of Baby Food and Why?

K.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter is almost 5 months old and we are getting ready to introduce solids. I was wondering what brand of baby food others have chosen and why? Also wondered a...