Infant: 24 Hour

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24 Hour Fitness

T.W. asks from Dallas

Does anyone belong to the 24 Hour Fitness in Mansfield? I have a membership and my youngest juts turned 6 months so I can take both kids to the Kids Club. I am nervou...


YMCA Or 24 Hour Fitness

B.V. asks from Dallas

I am looking to join a gym and wanted other mommy's opinions before I take the plunge. I am considering either Northpark YMCA or the 24 Hour Fitness in Keller with t...


How to Find 24 Hour Daycare or Overnights?

A.E. asks from Des Moines

I was wondering how you find 24 hour daycare... I don't need it right now but I thought about it if by chance we were able to go on vacation without a child with us. ...


Looking for a Pediatrician Who Has 24 Hour Advice Nurse

A.A. asks from Dallas

My family recently moved here from out of the state and we are looking for a pediatrician's office that offers a 24 hour advice nurse. Our pediatrician back home had...


If Members of 24 Hour Fitness, Has Anyone Taken "Zumba" Classes?

C.H. asks from Los Angeles

I'm a member of 24 hour fitness and usually take classes to get my cardio workout. (I sometimes to the elliptical machines or treadmills, but find that taking a clas...


I Need a Baby Nurse - 24 Hour

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. I'm looking for a baby nurse for after I give birth this summer. I'd like someone 24 hours for 2 weeks willing to work in the Beverlywood/Pico Robertson area. P...


Feedings in a 24 Hour Period

N.S. asks from San Francisco

My son is almost 5 months old. He usually eat every 3 hours a 7 ounce bottle and an 8 ounce bottle before he goes to bed. Lately he is going 4 or even 5 hours without...


24 Hour a Day 7 Days a Week Morning Sickness

N.A. asks from Las Vegas

Any ideas on how to get through my all day long morning sickness. i'm only about a month along and i'm sick all the time or feel sick. with my first son i was sick fo...


At 18 Months, Is Breast Feeding Reason to Withhold 24 Hour or Longer Visitation?

C.M. asks from San Francisco

Hey mom's, I'm a dad. I have an 18 month lil'boy and I enjoy nothing more than spending time with him and taking him to museums, parks, beaches, play dates, play g...


Infant Eating

D.O. asks from Minneapolis

Hi i am a new mom and my daughter is 2 months i was just wondering when all you other moms out there started feeding your babies cereal and the little gerber food. Th...