Infant: Princess

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Too Much Princess?

J.M. asks from Boston

My parents watch my 2 year old two days a week and are great with her. They have more than just a occasional grandparent role in her life and have a big influence on ...


"My Princess Boy" and "What Would You Do"...

B.C. asks from Dallas

I have a little girl (two actually) that are 1/2 princess, 1/2 tomboy. My 3 y/o has an iron man mask, pirate costumes, police costumes, as well as princess and fairy ...


Princess Birthday Party

J.N. asks from Columbia

Hi everyone my daughter will turn 1 in April and I am starting to plan her birthday party. The theme I want to go with is Princess. I have never planned a party befor...


Age Appropriate Princess Costumes

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - By way of follow up to my last question, where does one find an age appropriate princess costume? Hubs will be a knight, baby a dragon, and I've decided ...


Other Princess Options/ No Disney!

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

My almost 3 year old daughter has become very interested in princesses. We don't watch TV except for the occasional Mr. Rogers, but she has picked up "Disney Prince...


Princess Lunch!

A.M. asks from Eau Claire

Ok ladies, I'm having a friend over today and she's bringing her 3yr old, I have a 4yr old both girls. We're having a princess lunch. My question is What should I m...


Where Can I Have a Princess Party in or near Naperville?

E.G. asks from Chicago

Hi - Looking for information to have a princess party in/or near the Naperville area. I'm open to either at a location or at my home. Thanks in advance.


Disney Princess Party - Need Game Ideas!

A.S. asks from Rockford

Hello - we are having a Disney Princess party for our daughter who will be 4 in a few weeks. 2 of her friends are 5 & 6 and 1/2 and are coming dressed up as princesse...


Looking for Place/someone to Make Princess Cake

C.A. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning one at the beginning June and her birthday party is "princess themed". When I say princess theme, I mean all pink, tiaras and castles. I have c...


Need Location for Princess Birthday Party

N.P. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning 4 in April and has requested a Princess Tea Party with all of her guests wearing their favorite princess dress. Our home is not large enough to...