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To Baby Bump or Not to Baby Bump?

T.L. asks from Dallas

Im wanting to transfer my baby to her crib. Shes 3 1/2 mths old. I want your opionins on the baby bumper thing. I know of the SIDS risks but also afriad she will h...


Baby Monitor

K.Y. asks from Norfolk

Hi, I am looking into buying a new baby monitor. I am looking for one that you can use either an ac adaptor or batteries for both the baby unit/base and the paren...


Baby Monitor's

C.T. asks from Tampa

I just moved into a bigger house and now my two boys (ages 3 and 4) have their own rooms. I had a baby monitor in their room before, but I cant seem to find a baby mo...


Please Recommend a Baby Monitor!

S.T. asks from Denver

Hi moms. Looking for a digital video monitor. What are your recommendations?


Pillows in Bed with Baby

D.F. asks from St. Louis

Ok ladies, I care for children in my home. My policy has always been no pillows in bed with children under 18 mo. However I have one mother who insists that if I put ...


Need Baby Monitor Recommendation

V.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi I'm looking into buying a baby monitor and would like to know if you have any that you recommend. I need a relatively inexpensive one, less than $40. Thanks


Baby Monitor Recommendations

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

We need a new baby monitor and just reaching out for some suggestions. Don't need a video or anything fancy, as I was fine without it with my first and we know this ...


Baby Monitors - Any Opinions on the Matter?

N.S. asks from Chicago

I am looking to purchase a baby monitor that is affordable but very functional. I want one that I can hook up indoors and take the other piece with me when gardening...


Anxiety About Baby in Nursery

J.G. asks from Chicago

My little one started sleeping longer blocks a few nights ago, so I moved her into the nursery. If she stays in my room with me, she will just wake me up with her lit...


Baby Monitor and Diaper Disposal?

L.H. asks from Dallas

Any of you moms out there real happy with your baby monitor? We have one that has a sensor pad you put under the mattress, although we've just used the audio on it. I...