Baby Monitors - Any Opinions on the Matter?

Updated on January 24, 2007
N.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am looking to purchase a baby monitor that is affordable but very functional. I want one that I can hook up indoors and take the other piece with me when gardening or shoveling outdoors but be able to clearly hear my child in the house while sleeping. I don't care so much about a screen to view them sleeping rather I am more concerned with having a reliable sound reception without tons of static. Does anyone have suggestions or experience with a good affordable monitor that they can recommend? All comments and ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

thanks so much for you help guys! I'm gonna take a look at target and see if I can find them and take a look.

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We have the BeBe Sounds Angel Care which also has a piece you place under the mattress that sounds an alarm if there is no movement for more than 20 seconds. It's been a lifesaver in keeping from my checking on her and possibly waking her when she is very quiet and still. On the down side, it gets a lot of static. But we are in a high rise downtown which may be part of our problem.



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Hi N.,

I have the Fisher-Price 900mhz wwith vibration. It is very sensitive (it picks up everything), I take it in the yard with me when my little guy naps and I can hear him breathing. I like the vibration feature for when street traffic is loud, I just turn it on and if he crys it goes off. It's not too large so it travels well also.

Hope this helps.



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I would totally recommend the Fisher-Price Private Connection Dual Monitor, Target has it:

I got it for my shower and it works great. It has 2 receivers, we keep one in our bedroom and the other we use all over the house. It's very sensitive, and has very little static. I have made it all the way out to my garage and could still hear her. Good monitor system.



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I would look into a video monitor. They are pricey but 200% worthit. You might think it's crazy to spend 100 on a video monitor, but honest I LOVE IT. I had a regular monitor with my daughter and when I watch my nephew they have a video monitor. It saves you the time (and the chance for interuption) of "peeking" in on the baby to see if they are just fussing or really awake etc...I am going to get one for my next baby!

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