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Sleepwalking 4 Year Old?

K.L. asks from Des Moines

We don't actually know if this is sleepwalking or what and we aren't sure if it's something we should be worried about. Last night, my 4 year old daughter and husband...


Seeking Advice/tips on Focusing Very Active Child

S.T. asks from Boston

My 4 year old son is a very active boy with all the symptoms of ADHD although he hasn't been diagnosed with it because of his age. His behavior has really declined la...


When Can You Give a Baby a Blanket in Their Crib at Night?

R.W. asks from Dallas

At what age can you use a blanket to cover your baby at night? My 9 month old's bedroom is always cold at night. I can't help but wonder if he would sleep better if h...


Baby Monitor Recommendations

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

We need a new baby monitor and just reaching out for some suggestions. Don't need a video or anything fancy, as I was fine without it with my first and we know this ...


Baby Monitor Advice

C.P. asks from New York

I am in need of advice on a monitor. I would like just a basic,inexpensive one (no tv needed-our house isn't that big; I can check on him easily.) that will last. T...


Which Baby Monitor Do You Highly Recommend

V.D. asks from Dallas

I registered for a baby monitor that has gotten horrible reviews. Could you share with me which baby monitor is by far the best. Our house is aprox. 2000 sq. ft. an...


Motion-Detecting Monitor - Is It Nonsense?

K.B. asks from Chicago

I was wondering if anyone had used a motion detecting monitor (and if so, any recommendations?) for their newborn. I'm in the process of picking one out, and there a...


Seeking Insight on Home Heart/lung Monitors.

K.S. asks from Dallas

We have a new little guy born 1/25/2008 who is on a heart/lung monitor at home anytime he is sleeping. We have lots of "false alarms". I wanted to know if anyone ou...


Need to Stop Baby from Sleeping on Stomach

D.S. asks from New York

my Daughter is 5 1/2 months old and last night I found her sleeping on her stomach and her face was to the side... which was fine. However, next time I checked on h...


Baby Monitors

A.P. asks from Sarasota

I have put off buying a baby monitor because of all the pros and cons and not being able to decide which one to get. Does anyone have a prefrence or recomendation? I ...