Infant: Robeez

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Baby Shoes

B. asks from Dallas

I was curious about any information on baby shoes... when to start wearing them, the best and worst types... etc. My in-laws say don't wear baby shoes until they are...


Early Walking Shoes

A.L. asks from Buffalo

my daughter is 14 months old, and is not walking yet. however, she gets some physical therapy since she has low muscle tone. the PT recommended some shoes for her o...


Baby Shoes

E.M. asks from St. Joseph

did you put your baby in shoes? my twins are 11 months and have never worn shoes, not even once. We used to put out 2 1/2 year old in shoes all the time when he was a...


Need NARROW Baby Shoes!!

R.O. asks from Tucson

My almost 10 month old is cruising a lot and standing on her own for a few seconds at a time. Walking is in our not-so-distant future but I'm having a LOT of trouble ...


Infant Socks That Don't Come Off?

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & papas Any suggestions for this sort of thing? Ds2 who is in his fifth month wriggles out of socks. Footed onesies or pants are no better as he pulls his le...


Good Soft-soled Shoes for Boys

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am a huge fan of soft soled shoes for my kids. My daughter wore pedipeds and robies until after she was 2. My son has one pair of pedipeds and one pair of robeez ...


Baby Shoes?

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

This is my first child so when I buy my 11 month old son sneakers/sandals I buy "purely" for looks.. One mom told me that I need to be very careful what type of shoes...


Baby's First Shoes.

M.S. asks from Seattle

Hi Mamas, What kind and brand of first shoes should I get for my son? What should I consider when buying a pair? Thanks...


Suggestions for Child Shoes

S.O. asks from Rapid City

My (almost) 13 month old is a walker. He has been wearing Robeez for quite a while now, but with the warm weather here, I am looking for some shoes that have a harde...


What Shoes Does Your 11 Month -1 Year Old Wear?

N.P. asks from Chicago

I was just wondering what brand and type of shoes your 11 month - 1 year old or so year old wear for warmer and colder months? My son is on the cusp of walking. Aro...