Good Soft-soled Shoes for Boys

Updated on February 22, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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I am a huge fan of soft soled shoes for my kids. My daughter wore pedipeds and robies until after she was 2. My son has one pair of pedipeds and one pair of robeez but he is about to outgrow them. He is only 16 months, but he is about to grow out of the 18 to 24 month shoe (I think it's comparable to size 5). Any suggestions on a brand that carries soft (or semi soft) soled shoes for boys? I'm not ready to put him in regular tennis shoes yet. He has only been walking for a few months.

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answers from Honolulu on

try "See Kai Run"
You can see it and read the reviews there.
Its a popular shoe for babies/toddlers.

Good luck

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answers from Dallas on

I'm a huge fan of PediPed Flex. My 4 year old still wears them (he wears a size 10 so I think they're a 27). They also come with an extra sole insert so you can extend the wear time on them. I'm was not a big fan of "regular" tennis shoes because they don't bend like these do and he didn't walk until he was 15 months old.



answers from Dallas on

I second See Kai Run, but also wanted to mention that I took my baby over to Clark's in the mall and they have baby/children's shoes now. I was very impressed with the sales lady- very knowledgeable and friendly. The shoes were impressive too. Cute styles and special fittings for chubby feet. I didn't end up buying the ones I wanted because they were close to $40, but I wanted to. You're gonna pay a lot for the SKR's too, unless you get them off ebay, which I often did. Also there's Great company and shoes.



answers from Dallas on

Stride Rite is always what I put my son in until he was about two. (Boy was I glad when we could switch to other shoes! Those Stride Rite shoes cost more than my shoes!)


answers from Barnstable on

I actually just finished an article for the newspaper on best baby shoes. The American Podiatric Medical Society only approves a very small amount of baby / toddler shoes. See Kai Run is one of them. Here is the rest of the list. I personally likes the See Kai Run (my son has the "see kai run" line, but there is one called "smaller" made by See Kai Run that has the utra flexible soles). I also have the rubber soled line from Stride Rite called Soft Motion that I really like. My son is 18 months, but wears a size 7!:

See Kai Run (

Asics (

Bobux (

Jumping Jacks (

Pediped (

Reebok (

Stride Rite (



answers from Sacramento on

My son is 4 now, but when he was little he wore soft shoes almost all the time until he was over two. He had really big feet for his age (still does) so at a size 4.5 at 10 months, he was already too big for striderites soft soled options.

I found that Target sold a brand of shoes that were robeez inspired, and the sizes went up pretty big and also run bigger than robeez even for the shoes that claim to be the same size (does that make sense... I'm trying to say 18 months was bigger at Target than in Robeez). I think they still have them, so it's worth a look and they only run like $10 or $15 a pair. They're not in the shoe section, you have to look for them in the baby aisles with the socks and stuff.

Good luck,



answers from Dallas on

Robeez used to go up to 4 yrs old. They do have a minishoe that goes up to size 6 I think and then the Tredz go even larger. I have used Robeez on all 4 of our kiddos and we love them!! Our last little guy has a very fat foot and had to stop wearing Robeez because of the width, his last pair was a pair of Robeez Tredz sandals size 7. Stride Rite also has soft soled, but I don't know what size they go to.
Good luck,



answers from Dallas on

try see kai run. I think they have a label for smaller kids- it's called smaller

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