Preschooler: Robeez

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Good Shoes

A.B. asks from Anchorage

Howdy, I have been a big fan of the super soft soled shoes, such as Robeez and See Kai Run, for my daughter. However, she is outgrowing these toddler shoe makers' sh...


Need Recommendation for Infant Shoes That Stay On

S.S. asks from Detroit

I have four month old who kicks off socks. Wanting to keep her tosiesy warm -I am looking forrecommendations for something that stays on! They could be socks with a s...


How to choose the best first walking shoes?

J.W. asks from San Francisco

Our pediatrician didn't provide conclusive advice about my son's shoes for beginning walking. He said that some parents prefer Robeez since they allow the child grea...


Stride Rite Shoes

J.O. asks from Boston

I have a 14-month old daughter who is not walking by herself yet, but will walk when assisted. I feel that it could be any time now that she will start walking on he...


Good Soft-soled Shoes for Boys

C.M. asks from Dallas

I am a huge fan of soft soled shoes for my kids. My daughter wore pedipeds and robies until after she was 2. My son has one pair of pedipeds and one pair of robeez ...


Shoes for My 10 Month Old

E.B. asks from St. Louis

Our peditrician suggested that we not put hard soled shoes on our ten month old even though he is beginning to walk. She said that they learn to walk better without ...


Toddler Shoes

J.M. asks from Dallas

I am having such a hard time finding shoes to fit my daughters feet. She is 20 months, and her foot is little and chubby. The problem is that it is not so much wide ...


Good Shoes for 15 Month Old

M.V. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any recommendations for good walking shoes to get my 15 month old twins that have just started walking? I have Robeez that i used for indoors when th...


Fat Baby Feet :)

S.B. asks from Dallas

We are having a very difficult time finding shoes(size 4) that can fit my 16month old daughter's feet. Her feet a wider width than most shoes and then to make it eve...


No Shoes On!!!

V.S. asks from Chicago

Hellow there ladies! By the way "Happy Mother's day" to ALL! My problem is that my 3 year old refuses to keep his shoes and socks on! No matter where we are or h...