Toddler: Robeez

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Robeez Shoes

J.J. asks from Altoona

Hello! My SIL was thinking about getting her lil fella a pair of Robeez shoes for fall, he has a chubby little foot...does anyone have any opinions on them? Thanks ...


Robeez or Preschoolians or Another?

T.S. asks from Chicago

My son is starting to pull himself up on things and I'd like to get him some soft-soled shoes. I understand that barefoot is best, and he's barefoot at home all the ...


13 Month Old Walking

M.M. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 13 month old that is not walking yet. He is cruising, but not walking. I am not concerned at this point. I know kids do things in their own time. However...


15 Month Old Who Keeps Falling

M.R. asks from Chicago

I have a 15 month old granddaughter and lately she has been falling like crazy. Since my "baby" is 22 years old I don't remember if this is normal or not. It does n...


Tips for Getting 15 Month Old to Walk

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hi All, I was wondering if you had any good ways to try and get a 15 month old to want to start walking. My son can pull himself up to objects and walk around object...


Flying with 16 Month old--Please Help!

M.C. asks from Provo

We will be flying with our 16 month old son this week and it will be his first flight. I would do the benadryl thing, but he has a problem sleeping anywhere but in hi...


Fall/winter Wardrobe for a 12 Month Old Boy?

E.A. asks from Atlanta

Hi ladies, So I'm trying to buy most of my son's clothes used and a huge fall/winter consignment sale is being held near me later this month. I'm trying to figure...


Shoes for My 10 Month Old

E.B. asks from St. Louis

Our peditrician suggested that we not put hard soled shoes on our ten month old even though he is beginning to walk. She said that they learn to walk better without ...


What Shoes Does Your 11 Month -1 Year Old Wear?

N.P. asks from Chicago

I was just wondering what brand and type of shoes your 11 month - 1 year old or so year old wear for warmer and colder months? My son is on the cusp of walking. Aro...


Good Shoes for 15 Month Old

M.V. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have any recommendations for good walking shoes to get my 15 month old twins that have just started walking? I have Robeez that i used for indoors when th...