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My Infant Son Is Always Hungry

M.C. asks from Seattle

My son just turned 3 weeks old and we are battling him being hungry all the time. He eats every 2-3 hours and when he eats it will be between 4-6 ozs. Right after we ...


Acid Reflux in an Infant

J.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! My 10 wk old has acid reflux. We changed bottles, formula, and have a prescription. What are some of the tricks that worked for you? We're exhausted! I d...


Infant Tummy Problem

M.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi, my granddaughter is 3 months old and is basically fussy. We changed her formula to Soy because I saw the rash under her skin like my son's was. We'll also occasio...


What's the Best Baby Carrier?

L.S. asks from Austin

I want to buy a type of pouch baby carrier, but I am not sure if it really does the job. Looking for something comfortable for me and the baby and easy to put on. C...


Seeking Advice on Infant Formula Brands

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend an infant formula that causes less gas pains. We have tried Enfamil which caused gas pains and audible tummy gurgling and crying all day and fre...


Colic, Gas or Allergy??? Infant Fussiness When Feeding

A.M. asks from Dallas

My 3 week old daughter seems to have extreme gas issues. She'll take a bottle (we give her breastmilk in a bottle, breastmilk from the breast and Enfamil formula most...


Getting Baby to Take Bottle

L.C. asks from Sioux Falls

How do I get my breastfed infant to take a bottle?


Bottles for Breastfed Baby

M.A. asks from Chicago

Which bottle is good for breast fed baby? Also, is there any type of bottle that you can attach breastmilk storage bags to it and feed the baby -Like the playtex dro...


Advice on Baby Carriers Please!

L.K. asks from Los Angeles

I have been using a baby bjorn carrier for a while but i don't like it at all. Even though my baby loves facing out and checking out the world, the way she is positi...


Best Bottle for Baby Who Doesn't like Bottles!

L.C. asks from Duluth

HELP! I exclusively breastfeed and my almost 7 week old son can not figure out how to drink from a bottle! We have been trying every day for about 3 weeks. The bes...