Colic, Gas or Allergy??? Infant Fussiness When Feeding

Updated on July 09, 2009
A.M. asks from Plano, TX
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My 3 week old daughter seems to have extreme gas issues. She'll take a bottle (we give her breastmilk in a bottle, breastmilk from the breast and Enfamil formula mostly at night); take only like 5 swigs of it and then pull away screaming like she's got gas already. So we burp her, which makes her even more angry because all she wants to do it feed. Then when we finally get the burp... she'll take another 5 or so swigs and then again... scream like she needs another burp! seriously! This doesn't happen at every feeding ... but it does happen most times. And it doesn't matter what we're giving her or how or which bottle I use. I've used Dr. Brown's; Born Free; Playtex Evenflow. She does seem to pull away less often if she's at the breast.
Could this be just plain colic, gas issues or an allergy to something in breastmilk and formula?? Does this sound familiar? What did you do?! Please help!! I hate to have my little one upset!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your input!! All of your responses encouraged me to take her to the pediatrician and I'm so glad I did because she agreed that it was reflux, so she put her on Prevacid. We start that tonight. I heard that it takes 1-2 wks before you see results. Thank you so much for helping me! I soooo appreciate it!

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Hi A.,
This really sounds like infant reflux. I can remember my son seeming so hungry only to take a few sucks and then pull his head back screaming. For some reason it seems that most Doctors have a hard time wanting to admit or treat this problem because most babies gain weight and in all other areas other than eating seem problem free. I'm hoping your doctor is not like this and supports proper treatment so you and your baby can get relief. It can be really hard being a mom of a reflux baby since it seems like they can not be comforted and cry alot. You can help with keeping them in an upright position so the tummy juices stay down and not burn the esophagus during and after eating. Sometimes they can actually have an ulcer on the esophagus and it can be quite painful for them when they regurgitate their milk and that's why medicine is needed to heal it. Not all babies/children have to spit up to have reflux, mine didn't. He had silent reflux where the fluids only came up so far and not all the way up to his mouth. Google infant reflux and do some research on it.
Best Regards,

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Yup, if she isn't spitting up, then look up "silent" reflux. I was in your shoes with my first!
Good luck, and get some prevacid quick! (also, we used Simply Thick and it worked wonders.)

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i too second the daughter was the same way and we tried the similac isomil for gassy fussy babies and also the similac soy formula..none of those work so after a trip to the was reflux and now she is on a very low dose of zantac and she is much better.

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Hi A.,

I am a new mom to a three and a half month old daughter. My daughter suffers from acid reflux and takes Zantac twice a day. One thing that works besides Zantac is gripe water. I bought gripe water called Colic Calm over the internet. It's expensive $25.00 with shipping but I swear it helps to calm my daughter down when she has gas or is just very upset. I don't give it to her everyday, maybe every other day or so. It is all natural and I'd like to get my daughter off of Zantac because of side effects. In case you buy Colic Calm, there is vegetable charcoal in it and it comes out black. A little intimidating seeing your baby with a black tongue but it's normal. There's a website for Colic Calm. Hope this helps.

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