Best Bottle for Baby Who Doesn't like Bottles!

Updated on October 31, 2010
L.C. asks from Duluth, MN
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I exclusively breastfeed and my almost 7 week old son can not figure out how to drink from a bottle! We have been trying every day for about 3 weeks. The best he ever did was one day only drank 2 ounces, most days get less than one ounce, and often does not get any. I think most of it dribbles down his chin!
We have used the Playtex drop in orthrodontic nipple and the Avent nipple of all 3 flow speeds. He is a quick and efficient nurser, completes feedings in 10 minutes, and is a big boy at 15 pounds and not even 2 months old.
What is the best NIPPLE for a baby who loves breastfeeding???

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answers from Sioux City on

Have you tried the nuk nipples/bottles yet? It is shaped like a mothers nipple so maybe he'll feel more comfortable with it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Breastflow by FirstYears! It is amazing. It was developed by lactation consultants and made specifically to mimic the flow and sucking-method an infant uses when breastfeeding. Best of all - it's way cheaper than the name-brandy bottles like Avent or Dr. Brown's. You can get them at Target. Check out their website: and be sure to watch the video on how it works.

Women who have babies who won't take a bottle swear by this one. You will find the occasional bad review, but it's generally a winner. In my case, I needed it because my little girl was beginning to ONLY want a bottle. I went back to work full-time when she was 8 weeks. She was bottle-fed during the day with Dr. Brown's. She got so used to guzzling down a bottle in seconds, that she began to refuse my breast in the evenings. My let-down is a bit delayed and she really did NOT like waiting. We switched to the Breastflow bottle, and that solved the problem. It took a week or so for her to get used to the new bottle - my husband said she got mad the first couple times he tried to give it to her. But once she got used to that bottle, then she stopped having problems taking my breast. I credit that bottle with saving our breastfeeding relationship!


answers from Stockton on

the Playtex (with the normal nipple) worked great for my picky one. I have for my daughter a new one I think it is called Tommee?? but it is really shaped like a boob, and a nipple, I got them at Babies R Us - haven't had any problems with my baby taking to the bottle with them. I haven't tried any other nipples with her is a link -

good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

We had to try about 5 kinds before we settled on the Nuk bottles. I think it's totally up to the baby. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter would not take any bottle. We tried every nipple/bottle imaginable and she would not take any of them. We also tried all the tricks like holding her facing outward, holding her like she was nursing, putting her in a swing or infant chair, distracting her with television, etc. . . . Nothing worked until we just started giving her a sippy cup with a soft spout at about 3 1/2 mos. Just thought I'd offer up that solution for you. Not every baby will take a bottle.



answers from Minneapolis on

Wow do I feel your pain. My daughter wouldn't take a bottle period from either my husband or me for over 12 weeks. This made me very nervous when I went back to work, but as soon as she was a day care and I was no where to be found, she took it like a champ. We've had good luck with the Playtex nurser (which I see you've tried) and the NUK brand.

There's also a bottle called Brestflow (can get at Target, BRU or Kohls) and she started to take that one at first but now prefers the other two.

And..she still won't take one from me or my husband, so we'll see how long that takes.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

oh my gosh... I remember this all too well. And how stressful it can be when they wont take the bottle. The only bottle my nursed baby would take (and believe me I bought every freakin one that BabiesRUs had) was the traditional Playtex drop in bottle with the brown slow nipples. It HAD to be the brown ones (latex?). They now make them BPA and phalate free. The silicone ones were a no go for her. My sister had success with the same bottles with her son who was also nursed. Good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on

My son loves the tommy tippee closer to nature bottles. Didn't try them with him until I was about to go back to work at about 2 months and no problems. Used the medela ones for my daughter (that came with my pump) and that was a mistake. She hated them. Tommy tippee has been great for us and I hear the same thing from lots of other people. Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

We had similar troubles with my daughter. It took about a month to get her to start taking the bottle. We tried about 10 different kinds. She also eventually refused the bottle she originally took (Gerber bottles with latex nipples--the flat ones not the rounded ones if that makes sense) and we had to change (Avent with silicone nipples). But after a few months she did just fine. Hang in there and good luck!



answers from Seattle on

I breast fed my son for 6 months, and then had to bottle feed. We tried many different ones but he wouldnt take them either.
Someone finally told me to use the regular playtex drop in bottles with the drop in bags, and now he drinks from them great because he feels like hes still nursing. The drop in bags are disposable which are easy too.

Good luck!



answers from Davenport on

I used the Mam bottles, they have them at Target online and Baby Depot in the store. They have a flatter nipple more like our breast nipple gets flatter in their mouth. Theya re also anti-colic and self sterilizing. They are the ONLY bottles my 95% breast fed kids (2 kids - nursed till 9 months) would take, we tried Dr. browns, PLaytex, gerber, and others, all differnt types of nipples, too. Here is the info about them:,26960.html



answers from Gainesville on

Both of my exclusively bf babies responded well to the Playtex latex (brown) slow-flow nipple. It is very soft like the breast. My daughter was a power nurser too! Get in, get the job done and out!

2 ounces is probably pretty good for 7 weeks old. And remember breastfed babies don't necessarily eat the same amount at every session especially in the early weeks where your son is. He is still regulating your supply at this point.


answers from Minneapolis on

Unfortunately there isn't a correct answer here. I do home childcare and have had mostly nursed babies here. Every single one is totally different! I have a really tough cookie right now. 4.5 mos old, been here 6 weeks..parents tried a little (well Dad) bottle training before starting here..but he just wouldn't. Even now, I never know if he will eat. Today was a good day.

I tried a few different nipples..but always start with the various Playtex ones. He is using the ortho one that is latex (brown) He just would not do the silicone ones or the straight ones from me! Alot of trial and error!



answers from Detroit on

We just went through this with our 4mo old, who is an amazing breastfeeder but refused the Avent bottles we'd used when pumping for our son. We searched online and found reviews for Tommee Tippee and Breastflow bottles, and ultimately decided on the Tommee Tippee (sold at BRU). She took 4oz the first time and has been doing great making the transition from breast to bottle and back. Good luck-I know how frustrated you feel, but there's a perfect bottle out there! :)

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