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10 Month Old Refuses to Eat Baby Food!!

S.D. asks from Kalamazoo

I got such positive feedback on my son's sleeping issue I thought I would ask for advice on his eating baby food issue. He is 10 months old, 11 month on March 27th. H...



L.C. asks from Detroit

I'm looking for a local store (Macomb County) that sells Taggies. It seems like I see them everywhere and now that I want to buy one, I can't find them! I've looked a...


Teething Baby Not Sleeping!!

B.W. asks from Detroit

My daughter got through her first 8 teeth pretty good. Now she's getting her molars and is having a terrible time. She's only sleeping every other night. My husband a...


Free Formula in the Naperville Area

L.F. asks from Chicago

I am decluttering, and I want to find a good home for all of the baby formula samples I received. It is mostly Enfamil, but there is a little bit of Similac too. If...


Need to Purchase a New Car seat...what Do You Suggest?

S.K. asks from Rockford

My baby, Emma, is no longer a baby and we are getting ready to make the transition from infant carrier to "big girl" car seat. I'm overwhelmed with all the choices an...


Best Baby Food (Outside of Pureeing Your Own)

N.W. asks from Chicago

What are the best babies food, with cost considered. My son loves the plum packets, but they are costly. So I'm ltrying to decide which to buy.


Pregnancy Test Results.

C.R. asks from Saginaw

I have taken 3 of the meijer "the clear result and digital pregnancy test's" and each time it comes up not pregnant. it is now september 30th an i have not recieved m...


Tub Safety: Inflatable Tubs

R.C. asks from Dayton

Ladies, My daughter is 8 months old and she has outgrown her baby tub. It is difficult to give her a bath in the adult tub without her sliding all over it and I'm af...


Organic Baby Wash/ Toddler Wash Tear Free Any Suggestions?

S.C. asks from Detroit

Hello Moms I have decided to do organic soaps for my boys. I didnt realize that soap is even bad for us. what a mess!! please let me know what a good brand i...


Need a Good Book to Present with a Baby Shower Gift

M.M. asks from Detroit

Hello, One of my dearest friends is expecting her first child at the age of 38. My children are ages 7 & 10 and it's been a while since I've purchased a book suitab...