Adult Child: Meijer

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Kitty Litter Question (Allergic to Kitten or Allergies to Litter?)

S.K. asks from South Bend

I have recently gotten a kitten, I haven't had one for 10 years. (and that was just temporary). Since bringing home I have shown signs of allergies.. I never had alle...


What Age Do Boys Use Deodorant?

S.T. asks from Columbus

My son is almost 8 and very active, and at times I'll notice that he smells a little peculiar after he's been active. Especially under the armpits. He's tall and th...


Family Game Night

M.S. asks from Columbus

We have never really been able to do a family game night. We've tried over the years, but never found any games that everyone wanted to play or would allow for 5 pla...


Grocery Bills

L.H. asks from Detroit

Hi fellow mom's! I was wondering how much everyone else spends on average a week for groceries? I have a growing 2 year old boy who is a GREAT eater, eats a lot, a...


My Almost 5 Month Old Still Not Sleeing Thru the Night!!

N.J. asks from Chicago

My baby boy will be 5 months old on June 2nd. He still has yet to sleep thru the night! I am exhausted and a littel discouraged. For the most part, he wakes up abo...


Thinking About Getting a Cat ~ Need Input!

T.S. asks from Detroit

We are thinking about getting a cat. Where do you recommended getting one? What are some of the costs involved? We have a friend and family member (not in our hous...


Car Sickness

C.M. asks from Detroit

My two year old daughter gets car sick whenever we go out. I have used Dramamine and given it to her an hour before we leave. Also have done frequent stops to try and...


For Those Spend $400 Month on Food

C.. asks from Columbia

What are you eating? Seriously. Some of you are saying that amount INCLUDES soap / shampoo etc. I spend $600 per month on FOOD. Just food. No lotions, paper go...