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What to Get My 16 Year Old for Her Road Trip

A.F. asks from Detroit

My Daughter is 16 and she is going on a mission trip in june and she is traveling for about 9 hours the first day to get there. She will be traveling with other teens...


Ideas for Western Michigan/Lake Michigan Trip

K.U. asks from Detroit

We are in the metro Detroit area and want to take a 2 to 3 day getaway to the western side of the state on Lake Michigan. We are thinking about spending time at Mich...


Looking for Alternative Medicine Doctor's

S.N. asks from Detroit

My 17 year old is suffering from what appears to be eczema but he says it doesn't itch. When I took him to our family doctor he prescribed steroids. He did use them e...


14 Year Old Nephew

S.C. asks from Grand Rapids

Hi! I have a nephew who will be 14 next Thursday... I have no clue what he would like... I saw a similar request on here for gifts for a 15 year old boy, but I can...


Bad Haircut Experience

N.R. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I took my sons for a haircut yesturday and they both got cut with the clippers around the ears. I am not very happy. I have seen this lady for the l...


Willow/GarlicEar Oil ???????

L.M. asks from Detroit

Has anyone used this? I was wondering if it works or not.



K.K. asks from Saginaw

My teenager has a few blackheads in his ears...I'm sure its from wearing the earbuds for his I-pod, and all that grease and dirt just getting trapped in there... But...


Toy Story 2Nd Birthday Cake/Party

M.D. asks from Detroit

My son will be turning 2 in Feb. and I was looking for someone who made cakes out of their home or a really great local bakery. The theme is going to be Toy Story! ...


I Need Help Finding Jeans!

K.S. asks from Detroit

I have a happy problem. I am losing weight, and I need new jeans. I still have a somewhat thickish waist, but no butt or hips. Can anyone suggest reasonably priced je...


Looking for Husky Jeans - Perhaps Someone Who Will Custom Make Them.

L.M. asks from Detroit

I am having a hard time finding jeans to fit my son, and I'm looking for ideas. My 6 year old son needs "husky" jeans. They are always long, which can be corrected,...