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9-Year-old Asking About Sex

G.H. asks from Cincinnati

My daughter has asked me what the word sex means and what sex is. She is 9. I explained to her that some questions are very difficult to answer and that I would like ...


7 Year Old with Migraines

A.D. asks from Cincinnati

My 7 year old was recently diagnosed with migraines. She has all the classic signs of migraines(the same as I have....light sensitivity, intense pain, seeing spots)....


Scrapbooking Tips for 9 Year Old

B.P. asks from Kalamazoo

I would like to start scrapbooking with my daughter but have never done it myself. I bought a scrapbook but am at a loss of how to attach things to the pages - there...


6 Year Old Has Weak Eye Muscle

K.B. asks from Chicago

My son started Kindergarten this past fall. I took him to the eye doctor (as required by the state) and the dr. said the my son has a weak eye muscle in his left eye....


Looking for Kid-Friendly Back-packs

C.S. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms Does anyone know where I can find Kid-Friendly, PVC Free, or Eco Friendly Back-Packs for my 6 year old daughter. I have looked at various stores... Meijer, ...


Should We Get My Kids a Desk?

L.O. asks from Detroit

We went shopping for bedroom furniture for my 6 year old.. Hubby wants a desk for him.. so he can do his homework.. I say it is a waste of money.. that most likely he...


New Dog

C. asks from Chicago

Hi, Well we just lost our 8 year old beagle just over two weeks ago due to a illness and we got a call Thursday from my brother who is looking for a new home for t...


Preschool Mean Kids

A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My 3-year-old (he'll be 3 1/2 next week) started preschool soon after getting potty-trained in February of 2007. All of the other kids in his class started in Septem...



N.L. asks from Indianapolis

I have a 6 year old with severe Autism. He is non-verbal and still in diapers. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him potty trained. He goes into the bathroom ...


Boys Birthday Party Ideas

L.C. asks from Chicago

My son is turning 6 very soon and Im not sure what to do for his party. Im a little annoyed at how much all the usual parties cost, like the jumping places or gym pl...