Infant: Gerber

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Gerber Nuk Bottles

M.P. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is using gerber nuk bottles. Does the hole need to face up against the roof of her mouth or down against her tongue?


Introducing Gerber Baby Food

R.J. asks from Texarkana

Hello moms.... My DS will be 6 months on the 7th and has been Exclusivly Breastfeed with the exception of one week of rice cereal at 4 1/2 mo cause my doc told me...


Are Gerber Baby Foods Healthy for My 10 Mo Old? Suggestions on Healthy Meals?

K.E. asks from New York

I am a working mom and constantly running around and am wondering what healthy snacks and meals I can make for my 10 month old daughter. She eats many of the 2nd and ...


Gerber Good Start

T.L. asks from St. Louis

My son is on Gerber Good Start Formula and I do receive checks from Gerber (or I did). I have registered my family as well as my in-laws in hopes of getting some mor...


Can I Give 8 Mo. Old Those Gerber Graduates Puffs? He Still Has No Teeth...

K.L. asks from Greenville

My son loves to eat those teething biscuits...he sucks on them until they dissove. I was in the grocery store and saw the bananna flavored puffs made by Gerber Gradu...


Gerber Little Crunchies...

R.D. asks from Richmond

You know those little crunchies, the star shaped puffs Gerber makes? My 9 month old son LOVES them... I know a serving size is something crazy like 72 pieces (1/2 cup...


How Can I Get My Baby to Be a Gerber Baby?

J.W. asks from Cincinnati

This is a silly question and I haven't given it much thought. I know that every mom thinks that their child is the most beautiful child in the world and I am no excep...


Gerber Good Start

A.U. asks from Detroit

Hi.. I have a very fussy (might be colicky) 1 month old daughter. She has already been on Alimentum since about 1 week old because the Doctor didn't think she was di...


Is Three Months Old Too Early to Begin Cereal, and Gerber 1St Foods?

K.B. asks from Minneapolis

My son is 3 months old, and it has seemed that the usual 6 oz every 3-4 hours isn't satisfying him anymore...he constantly seems hungry,,he has even at times taken 8 ...


Gerber Life Insurance

T.J. asks from Seattle

My stepmom has offered to pay for life insurance for my two daughters. When she sent me the paperwork to sign she listed herself as the beneficiary! Is that weird tha...