How Can I Get My Baby to Be a Gerber Baby?

Updated on February 07, 2008
J.W. asks from Cincinnati, OH
4 answers

This is a silly question and I haven't given it much thought. I know that every mom thinks that their child is the most beautiful child in the world and I am no exception. I have recently been told a lot that my son is very photogenic (?) and happy and would be good as a gerber, pampers etc baby. My question is..has anyone had any experience with that kind of stuff and if it is something that I would decide to try and do, how would I even begin? Thanks for your time!

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Move to California for starters! :) Your son's not going to get noticed in Columbus, OH.

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Hi J.:
There's a big difference between people telling you your child is cute and the qualities that professional producers and advertisers look for in a model. At my job, I'm often in charge of choosing models for brochures, catalogs and commercials. A lot of my clients request mixed-race models to make sure that they're conveying a sense of diversity in their advertising. You'll typically have more luck if your child has a very distinctive look or exotic skincolor. Is there one or more characteristic that sets him apart from everybody else (deep blue eyes, long eyelashes, great wavy hair, dimples, etc.) If not, I would test the waters and try some "cute baby" photo contests to see if your child gets recognized before making the investment with a modeling agency. Good luck!

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First of all Good Luck! We tried to do the same thing with our 2 year old because every where we went people would comment on how cute he was and how his eyes were the bluest they have ever seen. We thought we had it made if we could only get discovered. Well we found a modeling agency to put his picture up on and prayed he would get discovered. It has been maybe 6-8 months and nothing. No calls, no appointments nothing. I found that there are many babies that are adorable and if you are really interested it is more than just waiting to be discovered it is more like a job for the mom also. Very time consuming and a lot of disapointments. If you are interested I would definately get a modeling agency to help you. Most of the companies go through them to find models for magazines or even commercials. Hope this helps out a little and Good luck.



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#1. You'll need to get head shots and perhaps (but not always necessarily) a portfolio. These should be done by a professional. Be ready to pay money to have quality photos taken.

#2. You'll need to contact a reputable agency in your area. If you get any direct mail (that every mother seems to get), check into it before giving them any money because most of these are scams.

#3. Be prepared to "hurry up and wait", meaning you'll bust butt to get to an 'audition' and might be stuck there all day waiting and entertaining your baby. Sometimes companies do not care about your child's sleep schedule - they miss a nap? Not their problem - your kid better be awake and smiling! If they want sleeping shots, be prepared to completely alter their schedule to accommodate this.

Good luck. It isn't going to be like walk in, take a few pictures, collect a big fat check then go home within the hour. It is much harder than most people realize, so you need to be prepared to sacrifice a lot of time, energy, and potentially money before it really starts to pay off.

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