Adult Child: Gerber

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Five Month Old Won't Eat Solids

V.S. asks from Washington DC

Hello fellow moms! My five month old daughter, Ariana, will not eat solid food. I have tried the single-grain oatmeal cereal by Gerber, as well as Stage 1 applesauce ...


A Fussy Child at Feeding Times.

F.B. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and im giving her pureed vegies and friut and started the gerber chicken and rice dinners. My probelem is getting her to sit down in h...


9 Month Old Developmental Question!!!!!!

B.M. asks from Dayton

Hi Guys! I am hoping you can help me out! I would love some advice!! I had wrote before about a little boy we were chosen to adopt. We have since started visitations...


Bottle for Newborn

S.G. asks from Seattle

Hi, I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and went shopping for necessary baby items. But going to the stores only add to my confusion. There are whole bunch of bottles...


6-Month-old Doesn't Want "Baby" Food

D.J. asks from Detroit

I am at a total loss here. We started solid food - rice cereal - about 3 weeks ago. My 6-month-old daughter was into it. Then she got her hand on my banana while my h...


Cloth Diapers

L.C. asks from Scranton

I stay at home with my almost 5 month old son who is quite large for his age. We haven't been to the doctor in a while, but he is somewhere between 17 and 20 pounds,...


Help! 8 Month Old Not Eating Solids!

A.W. asks from Los Angeles

Okay, so I've been trying to feed my 8 mo. old rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, etc. but he just doesn't open his mouth to eat! T...


20 Month Old Daughter Will Not Take Milk from a Cup

A.W. asks from New York

My little girl will not drink milk from a cup. We have tried all types of sippy cups with all kinds of characters on them, but she refuses. SHe will drink juice or ...


Baby Wants to Feed Self but We Only Have 3 Teeth!

C.A. asks from Dallas

My one year old daughter has two bottom front teeth and 1 top front tooth. She's going through a thing where she wants to feed herself now...not with a spoon, she ...



B.B. asks from Austin

What to feed 15 month old that simply wants pasta, I need help with vegetables. This isd my great granddaughter and I keep her 2 days a week. She does eat fruits, b...