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Updated on September 30, 2010
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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You know those little crunchies, the star shaped puffs Gerber makes? My 9 month old son LOVES them... I know a serving size is something crazy like 72 pieces (1/2 cup), and I only give him 4 or 6 at a time, but he seems to munch on these constantly. He still eats baby food, table food, and takes bottles as normal, but he really likes these crunchies!! He's big for his age, but nothing extreme (70th percentile for weight). How much is too much? I've also noticed that this is really the only food he will feed himself... other table foods he wants from a fork or spoon. Maybe it only seems like he's eating them constantly because I give him so few at a time?

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answers from Dallas on

I'd only give him one serving a day, maybe half of what they say is a true serving. They're pretty constipating since they're made with rice and have added iron. They're not horrible for him but what about trying cereal like Cheerios? They're a little more balanced with nutrients and the original ones get soft pretty easily. My pedi told me if my son could handle eating them well he was ready to switch to soft table foods and we could drop the baby food. So maybe offering him something with a different texture would encourage him to explore feeding himself different things.

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answers from Phoenix on

As long as he's not filling up on those, which are pretty empty calories, and refusing his other foods, give him to him by the handful if he wants them. The puffs are great at teaching self-feeding, so give him a handful after he eats his baby food and let him practice. Good luck!

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answers from Columbia on

My daughter will snack on these from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed if i let her. when she was 9 months she would go through a container in 4 days, now that shes 10 months old its every 2 days.. we have a strict schedule so she only gets them 3 times a day (after naps and after she has dinner) I'm not sure how much is too much but i know theyre good for them and my daughter eats normally too so i cant complain if she eats them like crazy. Just relax, he knows when enough is enough, as long as he eats other foods well it shouldnt be an issue.

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answers from San Diego on

My 2 yr old liked them too when her little sis was a baby. I think there's a lot of air in them, so I doubt you're overdoing it. We also used a lot of wagon wheels b/c baby can hold it w/o dropping (I used those as snacks while shopping/errands).

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