Behavior: Bath Toys

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Strange Bathtime Behavior

My son is about 18 months old and has always loved the bath. We give him a bath every night, and we ususally get in the tub with him because it is h*** o* our backs otherwise. Our son has always had fun in the bath, playing around, until last Monday. All of a sudden, he acts terrified of the bath and screams the whole time. He clings to us and wants us to hold him the whole time, which makes it difficult to wash him. Nothing tramautizing has happened during his bath time, as he is with us all of the time during bath time. We are just...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Please Share... Chore/incentive/rewards Charts & Ideas

I really want to start some kind of incentive chart for my 3 & 4 yo sons. I don't want it to only have chores on there like cleaning their room, keeping their trucks picked up, etc etc. I also want it to show their bad behaviors (talking back, hitting, etc) so that I can show them that their positives need to outweigh their negative behavior by a nice big margin to earn some type of reward.... and so they know that one negative can take away from something they have earned too. KWIM? I also want to get rid of the timeouts and hoping that...


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2 1/2 Year Old Suddenly Cries Hysterically During Bath Time

Our 2 1/2 year old daughter has started crying hysterically when we go to put her in the bath and all throughout the bath. Neither my husband, older daughter or myself can think of anything that happened to her during her bath time to have caused this reaction. Nothing has changed. She is using the same bathtub, same bath toys, and always takes a bath at the same time as her older sister who loves bath. She hasn't taken a bath any where else in the last few months and this problem just started about 3 weeks ago. We sing songs during bath...


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Help with 2 Year Old Temper Tantrums

I am looking for advise as to how I might handle my 18 month old. She went from being this calm, subdued, tranquil child to throwing temper tantrums over night. I just started her in a new daycare, and notice she didn't display this behavior at her previous daycare. I'm assessing how I might help her through these episodes. she falls out, screams, and becomes very angry. It's mostly when we are in the car driving(after I pick her up from daycare, and drop her off in the morninig). I know these little bouts of rage, are her way of wanting my...


Bath Time Troubles

My daughter is almost 15 months old and hates taking a bath. I have changed...


Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than...