Behavior: Arms Reach

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5 Month Old Has Teeth and Wants to Bite While Feeding

Hello ladies, My lil guy is 5 1/2 months old, and within the last couple months hes been teething really bad. He already has his two bottom teeth and lately anything that is within arms reach he chews on, including my breast while feeding. Normally i can get him to let go, but recently he has been biting down all the way and pulling. Do any of you know how I can get him to stop. Right now, when he starts biting, i just give him a bottle. once he starts biting he doesn't stop. I would really like to continue to breastfeed, but im finding it...


Zyrtec and Behavior

I have a 6 year old daughter who has allergies which seem to crop up this...


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Biting at Daycare

My 2 year old daughter starting biting at daycare. She has never had a biting problem before so I was very concerned as to what is bringing this on. The daycare said that they are having issues with other kids biting and she probably learned it from them. She bit twice last week and I tried time out and grounded her the second time from anything fun we do and dessert. I thought that had worked, but then today she bit twice and she got bit twice…..I left work early and went to pick her up to show her how serious it is. She seems to think...


Biting Issues !

My grand daughter goes over to my ex's house, and his girlfriend has a grand...


Advice on Biting

I'm sure this question has been asked over and over, but does anyone have...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Need Help with My Sons Fascination of His "Boy Parts"

I need advice on how to keep my 21 month old sons hands out of his diaper! He reminds me of Al Bundy! He walks around with his hand in his diaper all day, he sleeps with his hand in his diaper as well or during a diaper change plays with himself. I know its natural to a degree but this is beyond a natural fascination.


23 Month Old Hitting

Hello ladies, I wanted to ask for some advice about my son. He will be 2...


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Help!! 11 Month Old Dd Hitting and Tantrums

My dd who will turn 1 in a couple of weeks has been acting out lately. She has been hitting and throws fits when I am trying to change her diaper or even just hold her. I thought she was just tired of mom but yesterday she started acting out towards her dad. It is worse when her sister who is 7 gets near her. If my oldest dd goes near her she starts screaming and throwing fits. If she is sitting up at the time she falls over and starts hollaring and jabbering and rolls around on the floor and if you are in arms reach she hits you. I...


Is This a Tantrum?

Recently, my 16 month old son has started crying much more frequently than...