Jealousy & Deceit

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M.K. asks from Dallas

I have a 10 year old son & he has been hanging around a friend that is a habitual liar. Just recently he(my son)has started lying, but not so much to us but to this ...


I'm Jealous of Daddy!

P.L. asks from Houston

I'm starting to feel jealous of my husband's relationship with our two and a half year old son. I stay home to work for my husband (which some days I resent also), s...


Problems with Lying

J.J. asks from Madison

I am having trouble with my 8 year old lying to me. It is not BIG things...just the little things. An example was tonight when I asked her if she had homework and s...


Are You And/or Your husband/SO the Jealous Type?

E.P. asks from New York

My husband and I were discussing a friend of his who as a particularly jealous wife (it's the second marriage for both of them). The jealousy seems to sabatage their...



C.K. asks from York

Ok, I am a working mom (not by choice) and my two children have been baby sat by the grandparents. My oldest was two in Sept. and my youngest just turned 5 mths. We...


Seeking Advice for Daughter and Lying

G.C. asks from Dallas

I would like to know if anyone has some advice on an almost teenage daughter about lying and smart mouthing all the time....sometimes nothing can be going on and she ...


Lost About the Lying Situation...

J.S. asks from Austin

My SO and I have different parenting styles regarding certain things; however, we both just want what is right for our LOs. For the most part I do try to compromise w...



L.B. asks from New York

Is it normal phase for 12 year olds to lie? What about lying about things that they will not get into trouble for?



R.R. asks from Kansas City

My son is 6. He has been raised solely by me since he was 1. Over the last recent months, he has been lying A LOT.Mainly, the lying is about things that he has done ...



B.D. asks from Seattle

I loved all the wonderful responses I had received to my last request. It helped so much, so I thought I would try again with another request. My son is 4 1/2 going...