Sleep overs

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T.J. asks from Portland

My son is 11 and his friends are having a movie sleepover. The movies being played are Die Hard,Aliens, and The Matrix. All the kids are 11. Do you think I should let...


...........Sleepover Question......

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my son (9) asked me last night if his best friends and him could have a sleepover at our house. Apparently the boys' mother said it was fine with her if I'm ok...


Kindergarten Sleepover?

P.G. asks from Dallas

I'm not sure when/if it will happen, but a mom in my son's class was giving parents a heads up about a boys only sleepover birthday party. Sleepover is optional. My s...


Faux Sleepover

L.M. asks from Peoria

So my daughter, who is 7 (and my oldest) is dying to have a sleepover with her BFF. I am not ready to have her sleep at someone's house yet, nor is her BFFs mom. ...


Girls at Sleepover

L.C. asks from Seattle

My daughter told me at a recent sleepover that 3 of the girls were naked giving each other massages. She said naked...she means naked without underwear too. I felt ...


Sleepover Nightmare

D.L. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter Madeline is very much into her aerobics classes that she has recently taken up and has made many new friends there. It was her 8th birthday the other week...


Sleepover for Cousins

S.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello- Got another issue with my husbands family and not sure how to intervene. But since my 8 year old is crying, I just can't sit back as her heart break. My siste...


At What Age Did Your Child First Have a Sleepover

E.C. asks from San Francisco

At what age did your child first have a sleepover



J.M. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter wants to have her first slumber party for her 7th birthday. I am wondering if any kids parents will even be ok with sleeping over somewhere at this young...


My Son Wants to Have a Sleepover

K.S. asks from Washington DC

latley for the past 6 months hes been begging me to have a sleepover. he is 3 years old what shold i do