Legal Age for Babysitting

Updated on March 23, 2008
R.L. asks from Odessa, TX
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I am a single Mom. Recently my babysitter moved out of my house. My problem is that...I work full time. I have tried to look up the legal age of siblings babysitting. NO LUCK! My son is 15 and I'm sure he can be left alone. But my daughter has special needs. She is not severally disabled but she does fall under the disable qualification. So I was wandering if I can legally leave my son to babysit my 12 yr old daughter. 9 is the latetest I work...And my son is pretty mature. He has babysat but only for short periods during the day. Any advice would help.

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answers from Dallas on

I am pretty sure there is no law on the legal age. It is more of a use your own judgement. But, that is sometimes hard. I would say that if your son know how to take care of all her special needs (meds, moods, etc) than it would be fine. Another thing to consider when making the decision is how far away are you in the event of an emergency (or something your son is having trouble dealing with) or is their a neighbor or friend nearby that could be there quickly if needed? Sounds like a stressful decision but I am sure you will know what to do soon.

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answers from Houston on

There is definately a legal age for leaving you children home alone / babysitting. When doing foster children, a babysitter has to be 16 and had a background check for felonies or child molestation charges. In my area your biological children can be left at home at 12, in other areas it is 15. The best way to find out would be to go into or call your local police department and talk to a sargent, make sure you document you visit with name, date and badge number for future reference if needed.



answers from Dallas on


I have been a Police Officer for 5 1/2 yrs and according to STATE LAW...there is NOT a certain age for a baby sitter. HOWEVER, your city may have a city ordinance that requires a baby sitter to be a certain age. If it were me I would want to have an adult there. That is a lot to put on a 15 yr old kid (don't get upset that is just my opinion). I know sometimes you need to work as a team and help family out when needed!

Take Care and good luck.




answers from Wichita Falls on

Three years ago CPS told me there is no "legal minimum age", everything has to do with mental & physical capabilities/ personality, availability of a neighbor, etc. (I called because my DH's ex was letting my skids stay home alone 7 hours a day - 3 hours before school, 4 hours after at ages 7 and 9.)



answers from Austin on

Hello R.,
Your legal concerns are valid. I am a social worker and I advise that you contact Child Protective Services to ask what the leagl ages are in TX that mandate adult supervision in the household. I believe you will get the most updated and accurrate information through them.



answers from Austin on

His age is fine, but you have to make your decision based on his emotional maturity and his and your confidence in his ability to care for his sister if an emergency arises. If you feel that he can handle it for short periods, I believe that there is no reason that he cannot do it.

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