Behavior: Melissa & Doug

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Behavior Chart for a 5 Year Old and a 3 Year Old

So my question is this, do you do two different charts with two different systems? My husband wants to create a system where the kids have ten points each day. He wants my 5 year old to start at the top and get points taken away for breaking the rules and he wants my 3 y/o to start at the bottom and earn points for following the rules. He wants them both to get "80%" for the day in order to recieve rewards (that are spelled out ahead of time, like extra tv time, or computer time, etc.). I have a problem with this system because my...


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Ours Was the Only One Acting Out in This Fashion- Sitting Still Suggestions??

Mamas & Papas - I know it is bad practice to compare kids, but at a christening party we attended this weekend, it was pretty conspicuous that ours was the only one acting out in this fashion. Admittedly, the other children there were either younger, i.e. less than a year, and not yet mobile, or older about 2- 2.5 or older. After romping with daddy and mommy, and going up and down the stairs and opening and closing doors at the church, when the baptism finally started, he kept still pretty well for the 15 minutes or so that the actual...

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Good Consignment Shops in the East Bay?

Hi everyone, I recently heard that consignment shops are a good place to buy infant/children's clothes since you can save quite a bit of money and the clothes are usually in pretty good condition. Does anyone have any that you would recommend for infant clothes? We live in San Leandro but I am willing to go to the Dublin/Pleasanton/San Ramon/Oakland etc. areas. I am a SAHM with an almost 15 month old boy and with one more on the way, I would like to try to save some more money. Thanks in advance!


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Looking for Advice on Toy Train Set

We're considering investing in a toy train set for the kids and a lot of the reviews we've read favor the Melissa and Doug set. I've never seen it and I'm wondering how it compares to the Thomas and Brio sets (or others). Also, are the pieces interchangeable?

Testing Limits

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3 Year Old Development

I am half worried about posting this question because I am not sure I want to read all the responses... please be gentle with me! My son is 3 years and 3 months old. He is a very active, social, loving, and physically capable little boy. He is a limits tester (as many preschoolers are, I think), but has reasonably good behavior most of the time, and is generally pretty compliant (within his rambunctiousness) and eager to please. My question/concern is about his "academic" development. My son seems to have no interest whatsoever in...