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Throwing Food Overboard

M.F. asks from Houston

Just a question for all you more "experienced" moms. I have an almost 14 month old. Every time he sits down to eat in his high chair, after eating a few bites, he sta...


Looking for a Park

A.L. asks from Phoenix

Im looking for a park around mesa/gilbert area that would have a duck or little paddle boats to take my children for a family outing. Im not from here so I dont know ...


Divorced and over 40+?

C.P. asks from Los Angeles

I just read an article online that said over-forty divorce is up 50% in the last twenty years. Depressing. I NEVER thought I would be single in my late 40s (now earl...


My Son Says NO Way Too Much!

P.H. asks from Phoenix

So my 2 year old has realized the power of the word 'no'! My husband and I can't stand it! We ask him to come over here, and he says "no", we will tell him to do so...


Pizza Stone/Pizza /Sauce Recipe and Tips?

C.D. asks from Atlanta

Hello Good Ladies, I just got a pizza stone and paddle and I'm wondering if the stone needs seasoning. If so, how do you season it? Is there a trick to using the...


Need Creative Disclipline Suggestions for a 10 Year Old

C.W. asks from Dallas

Hi. I have a request for all the creative Mommys out there. I have a 10 year old son who is wonderful. He is a really good kid. We have one issue with him that ...


My Toddler! Did that...strict parents-HELP Me

K.B. asks from San Diego

can't believe my two year old hits me! everytime i say no to him or take something away from him that he shouldn't be playing with , he starts to scream then he slaps...


Swats at School

S.A. asks from Tulsa

My son is 6 years old and attends the first grade at a school where they still swat the children as a last measure of punishment. He has Aspergers Syndrome which is a...


High Pitched Squealing - Help!

R.C. asks from Sacramento

My one year old is squealing so loud it is painful! Especially in the enclosed car!! My 3 1/2 year old did this but I can't remember what we did! My husband describe...


2 Yr Old Rides Dog like a Horse

D.S. asks from Tulsa

how do you get a 2 yr old to quit treating a dog like a horse. he constantly sits on her. she is a very patient dog and acts like it doesn't bother her but I need to ...