Behavior: Water Toys

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Behavior at Bath Time

I was wondering if anyone else's child has had an UNEXPLAINABLE change of heart about bathtime. My daughter,11 months old, loved bathtime up to a week ago. Then for NO apparent reason she now starts to scream and cry even when we get close to the bathroom/tub. We did have her in an infant tub and that was inside the larger tub for about 1 1/2 months. She wasn't harmed/burned by hot water nor was there an incident that her father or I can think of to explain her change of heart. Any ideas?

Disrespect & Disobedience

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Keep Them Outside!!

We are having a BBQ this weekend and the weather is going to be beautiful. There will be about 8 or 9 kids here ranging from 3-9 (3 are mine) and I want them to stay OUT of the house! I just got the whole upstairs and the kids' bedrooms clean and I would like them to stay that way. We have a huge back yard with a few play structures but not enough to entertain them for more than an hour or two. Any ideas??


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Good Places for Camping in Minnesota

We just moved to Minnesota from Colorado. My family loves camping and spending the weekends in the mountains surrounded by nature and not much else. I was hoping I could get some good recommendations for places to camp that is within 3 or so hours from the Minneapolis area. We would prefer a more wooded area and not wide open where you can see everyone in the campsite. Also, we don't have any water toys (boats, etc.) so a large lake isn't necessary. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Testing Limits

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Bedtime Problems with 3 1/2 Yr Old

I'm at the end of my rope. My 3 1/2 yr old is fighting me at bedtime. Kicking, hitting, screaming, won't stay in bed and tonight he tossed his drink across the room at me. I keep trying diffrent things and nothing seems to work it has taken as long as 3-4 hours to get him to sleep. Every night we say goodnight to daddy, grandma and the baby and read books. Then it starts I have talked to him in a calm voice, raised my voice, put him back in bed over and over and over with out talking, nothing works he just goes into a wild fit. Any ideas on...