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Simple Bribery

K.H. asks from Lynchburg

My almost 5 year old son was in the hospital last month. We thought he may have had appendicitis. Come to find out he has colon problems. Last year I had taken him...


Dare I Say It? Are We Parenting by Bribery?!

A.B. asks from Seattle

Some food for thought. It just dawned on me this morning as I was browsing today’s “questions” email that the amount of questions/answers I see that come throug...


Food as Rewards

J.G. asks from Oklahoma City

I just read this on another site and I thought it would be an interesting topic -...


Bribery and When to Use Training Pants

J.O. asks from Corvallis

Hello Mamas! I have a 2.5+ yo daughter who we have been trying to potty train for about two months now. sometimes she sits on the potty sometimes she doesn't. We...



E.K. asks from Lawrence

I am going to try a sticker chart/reward system to encourage my 3 yo to use the potty more consistently. Need some ideas of how to do it. How did you do it/what worke...


Difference Between Bribe and Rewards

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

My friend cracks me up. She was talking about how she never bribes her kids and how her SIL always does. She actually said, "She tells her kids that if they eat thei...


Do All Parents Use Bribery?

S.F. asks from Utica

Because if they dont, they really should try it LOL. My 2 year old daughter has just started acting out a bit - I think she senses that things are changing with her ...


Rewards for Grades

H.M. asks from Dallas

Would just like some ideas what to do for grades on report cards. My son is in 2nd grade and made all A's! What are some rewards or things you do for grades? Thank...


Rewards Chart

P.M. asks from Chicago

Hi! I want to start a rewards chart of some kind. I've been doing some researching and was wondering if anyone does it and what exactly is entailed. I have a 14 mont...


Toysrus Rewards

K.K. asks from Erie

My dad purchased a swingset for my kids, we were thrilled, he lives far away and unfortunately we aren't all that close. He must have signed up for ToysrusRewards. ...