Do Your Friends Have Your Back?

Updated on February 22, 2012
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
17 answers

My oldest daughter has sooo many friends, my oldest son has a few. One time my daughter said she would give anything to have friends like Tommy, friends that have his back.

Honestly I think they would help him hide a body if he produced one in his trunk. Be kind of silly mind you since he works for his grandpa's funeral home, if anyone could get rid of a body...

I digress...

So are you like my daughter, a lot of friends, or more like my son, a few friends that have your back?

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So What Happened?

I want to say my daughter doesn't have fake friends, it is just there are so many that none of them have that close friendship that my son does.

Cheryl I know there are a few here that would help me hide the body, I know my brother would help my hide the body though if you knew my brother that is a a strange visual. :p Actually you me and Rachel... oh god that would make the news even if we didn't get caught. :)

Oh my god, funny thought for a follow up question, how many out there can say their husband would help them hide the body? :p

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. I have YOU!! And Rachel and Rachel...and Judi...and my sister. Even though we have yet to meet in person - I think I've called each of you a couple of times've been there for me!!

I know Judi and my sister would help me hide a body...just as I would do for them!!! I got Pam too. She wouldn't necessarily help me hide a body - but she would help me get away!! :)

Greg and Nick have DaSean and Christopher...they are like brothers.

ETA: yes!! bob would help me!! He would probably help me conspire to make it look like an accident!! LOL!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have a few friends that have my back. My husband is the best, I think he would help me hide the body! LOL!

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answers from Albany on

Well, I've got three sisters. And we have always done, and will continue to do crazy-assed otherwise nonsensical things to save each of us from our own stupidity.

If that makes any sense.

My daughter doesn't have a sister. Weird. But she has some pretty freaking interesting friends, that's for sure. And yeah, she DOES require a certain amount of loyalty from them. Well she requires what she GIVES, and that doesn't always work out.

My boys have each other, they are tight. And only 21 months apart, so have a lot of the same 'friends'. But neither is very social either.


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answers from Seattle on

Friends help friends move.
Real friends help friends move bodies.

Hmmm... I have 3 classifications of friends (outside of family, 2 of my best friends are family members. I have 3 very close friends). In general, though, I'm more like your son. I give ALL of myself into relationships, so I do so sparingly.

1) Military folk. I could pick up the phone and have anywhere between 6 & 30 people on the next plane. And ditto. Facebook has been LOVELY for these friends. But even before facebook it could be 3 years since we'd last talked, and the conversation starts midstream

2) A fairly wide circle of aquaintences / people I respect / like/ love spending time with... but rarely phone up. This is where I'm like your daughter. I KNOW a lot of people, and while most of them I would consider friends*, they're not the "Call at 2am sobbing or bouncing up and down with excitement" type of people.

3) Close friends. This number just got REALLY small. Anyone whose knee-jerk reaction to finding out my husband nearly killed me and also attacked my son is to "remain neutral", or think I'm making it up (and even worse; extoll his virtues), I no longer have the time of day for. I was just gutted about this last night. Then sleep happened, and this morning I'm done. This isn't about just choosing sides in a divorce. This is choosing to be friends with someone who smashed my head into the ground and fractured my skull. Nope. Sorry. Huh-uh. Finis. I won't be friends with someone who thinks it's okay to use my head as a basketball.

3.5) Sister by another mother, best friend in the whole world. We're coming up on our 20th.

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answers from Austin on

I am a very blessed person indeed.. I am married to my absolute best friend. AND, I have lots of friends and I have a lot of them that not only would help me hide the body, but help me have a reason to hide a body..
I even have friends I have not spoken to for really long periods of time, because we are all parenting or in different countries and I tell you, we can pick up where we left off.

I have friend that is a criminal defense attorney. I have all 3 of her numbers so she is on call in case my husband gets on my last nerve and I cannot take it any longer, hee, hee..

She said she knows a great female judge and would find me a jury full of women that had been married at least once!!!

When my husband is being obnoxious, I just ask him, Do I need to call Pam?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm 48. I have a handful of friends that have spanned most of my life. I think I'm lucky. I have their backs and they have mine. No doubt. No questions asked.

I have tons of people that I know, can hang out with, laugh, chat, etc. are they "got-your--back-drop-what-they're-doing-to-bail-you-out friends? Probably not. But they're friends.

I feel sorry for people who think a few GOOD friends aren't enough. It is!

Have you heard the saying about friends coming into your lifetime for a reason, a lifetime or a season? That's very true.

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answers from Seattle on

My sister totally would no questions asked! Were super close and definitely have each others backs. My hubby also probably would. Although hes the curious kind so questions of what the heck happened would come about lol.

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answers from New York on

i would like i think i do. in reality you cannot depend on anyone but yourself. eh, it isn't depressing but it also teaches you an important lesson: family (kids) come first, and then no room for anyone else. thank god i will never need to hide a body as i value life above everything else. being very loyal as i am is very exhausting and over the years i have tried to change. it isn't fair to put too much expectations on people.

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answers from Portland on

I wish I did, but I only have a couple friends and they aren't close friends.

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answers from Chicago on

I have always just stuck to a few good friends. I tell my daughter that it's better to have a few really good friends, than a whole bunch of fake friends.

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answers from Detroit on

I thought I did but when the $*** hit the fan they washed thier hands and ran to the police! I have lived to learn.

The only one I have is my hubby, he would give me something to put me to sleep, go hide the body, clean up the mess I made and when I wake up we would be living in a whole new country and he would assure me it is all good!

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answers from Houston on

I don't have many friends but the ones I do definitely have my back. I drop the ones who don't. I'm loyal and I expect nothing less.

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answers from New York on

I have a small number of close friends that I've known a long time. I've known my 2 closest friends my ENTIRE life. We all grew up living next door to each other. We know everything about each other and we love each other anyway. Would they help hide a body - um, yeah, pretty sure on that one. lol.

My other close friends are people I met while working together - well over 25 years now. I see them a few times a year and we always pick up where we left off. I have church friends who can really be like extended family in a pinch. The kind of people who would drop everything and watch your child for you (I have a very small circle of people who I'll leave my daughter with). One church family actually took my daughter on vacation with them when my FIL was dying (we just couldn't leave knowing we'd miss his death so this family dropped everything and took our daughter on the vacation we had planned). Our extended church friends are also there "in good times and bad". We are very blessed to have such a good circle of friends who have our collective backs.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I have a little more than 10 friends and add in more all the time. Some would help me hide a body and some would not help me hide a body. Most of us are high school buds and we hang out every Friday or Saturday, do girls trips every year. We can unload on each other and we are there for each other. I'm not sure if my husband would help me a hide a body. I really don't think he would.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have friends who would have my back, who have been there for me since jr. high, high school, college! I have friends who would have my back that I've known for a decade and friends that would have my back that I met through my husband.

I can count all of the above on with my fingers!

To answer your husband would NOT help me...therefore he could NEVER know. There is one body he might help me with...and that is my BFFs ex husband...and the last time I had to see her ex husband had bail money ready!

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answers from Tulsa on

I am hoping to have a few who have my back.

In college, I could not get any alone time. I had people calling and dropping by the dorm all the time. I literally snuck into the grad students study wing to study and I made sure never to befriend grad students so I would not be bothered. Where are those people today? I keep in touch with almost none.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes my girlfriends have my back!
More so than any man has ever had.
I consider myself blessed!!!
They have seen me through many of life's tribulations!
(Thank you friends. You have been a gift!!!!)

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