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A.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have yet another question to post! This morning, our dog, showed major aggression toward my 8 month old son. Our dog is a rescue dog, and he's been with us for ov...


Aggression at Playgroup

K.L. asks from Savannah

My 16 month old son has just discovered pushing. While he doesn't do this very often (he is an only child and is not really into playing WITH kids at this age) when ...


Aggression and Soy Milk?

A.B. asks from Oklahoma City

Our daughter, who is 2 years 2 months is aggressive with other children. I understand this is normal toddler behaivor to a point. My husband and I are both quite mild...


Aggression, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD

A.T. asks from Seattle

My son turned 5 December 2009. The last month or so he has had a lot of aggression problems at his daycare. He is an only child and he lives in a single parent hous...


12 Mo Sudden Aggression?

C.S. asks from Jacksonville

My sweet little girl is in daycare. Recently, a few things have changed at home and in daycare. She's now showing some aggressive behavior (hair pulling, smacking, ...


Aggression in a 4 Year Old

A.M. asks from Peoria

Anyone out there who has problems with an overly aggressive child? I do not need anyone telling me that kids will be kids when they have not seen what is happening i...


Red 40 and Aggression

T.W. asks from Chicago

My son has SPD and major hyperactivity. The last 3 weeks or so, his aggression and energy level have skyrocketed. His teacher has called me saying they are having pro...


Toddler Aggression

A.L. asks from New York

Hi, all. I have a 3-year-old boy. About a year ago he went through a period (about 1 month) when he pushed other children on the playground. Then the behavior stop...


Toddler Aggression

C.A. asks from Boston

Hi there! I have a 32 month old son and 5 month old daughter. My son has transitioned to her as an addition to the family quite well. My problem is I have a 23 mon...


Three Year Old: Rages with Aggression (Evaluate or Not)

A.S. asks from Portland

This post is primarily directed toward parents of children who are intensely spirited who have considered or gone down the path of an evaluation. (Please note, we are...