Disrespect & Disobedience

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Teenager Disrespectful to Me

M.K. asks from Milwaukee

My 14 year old daughter is very disrespectful to me and not understanding why. Don't know if disrespectful is the word I am looking for however she just doesn't want...


Disrespectful Daughter

K.F. asks from Indianapolis

MY recently married daughter is not speaking to me, she claims that I am being disrespectful and I treat her like a child. But she still wants me to give her money e...


Disrespectful Behavior

J.C. asks from Dallas

My 7 1/2 year old has become very disrespectful recently. It is like a switch was flipped about three months ago. He only seems to have trouble following the rules...


Disrespectful Behavior

C.T. asks from Fayetteville

Ok, I have 5 year old daughter who just started kindergarten. She is very disrespectful-I don't think that is her intention-we've gone over it with her time and time ...


Disciplining Disrespectful Children

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

What discipline steps do you take when your children are disrespectful to you or any other family member?


Disrespectful 8 Yr Old

C.H. asks from Little Rock

I have a daughter that is 8yrs and has become increasingly disrespectful. She started out talking back and has now started nudging me out of the way or hitting me li...


Disrespectful Mother in Law

B.C. asks from Bangor

So I have one of the most disrespectful controlling mother in laws in the world and this November I will be dealing with her for 5 years. AHHHH sometimes I just want ...


Need Help with Disrespectful Teen

L.K. asks from Austin

What to do with disrespectful teen? I have a 15 year old DD that I don’t know what to do about when it comes to her disrespect of me and her mouth. She is a good ki...


Disrespectful 9 Year Old

D.M. asks from Raleigh

My son has always been very sweet and very sensitive to other peoples feelings, especially those he cares about the most. But over the last 6 months his behavior has ...


Husband Is Disrespectful to Me and the Kids

C.L. asks from Las Cruces

The fact that I joined here and am actually posting something personal and looking for advice from total strangers says a lot. I am at my wits end with my husband ...