Birthday Parties

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?Birthday Parties

J.B. asks from Dayton

How do you handle birthday parties...a combined party with family and kid's friends - separate parties for each? If you don't have a kids only you have 1 ...


Birthday Parties

T.M. asks from St. Louis

Hi moms! I have a 2 part question here. My son just had his 8th birthday party and it was very chaotic. His dad's side of the family is huge so not only do we have...


Birthday Parties

J.B. asks from St. Louis

At what age did you let your child have birthday parties with friends? My daughter is in preschool and will be 5 in a few months. I always for some reason thought tha...


Birthday Parties

R.M. asks from Spartanburg

I am wondering how others feel about birthday parties. When my son is invited to a birthday party and we are not able to go I still make sure that the child gets a g...


Birthday Parties

R.K. asks from Boston

My sister called me to ask what day and time I was planning my oldest son's birthday party because his birthday and my niece's birthday are only 11 days apart. I tol...


Birthday Parties

L.S. asks from Dallas

ugh, i hate to even ask this, but two of my girlfriends are having birthday parties the first wknd of april. one of the girls is one of my BFF's & known her since 7t...


Birthday Parties

J.S. asks from Detroit

Hi! My son has been invited to numerous parties and sometimes his younger sister is invited and sometimes she isnt. We see some of the families socially. This is m...


Birthday Parties?

T.S. asks from Fresno

Ok I have a daughter who is turning 5 in late July and a daughter who is turning 1 in mid August. 3 weeks to the day in between. With these being milestone birthday...


Family Parties Vs. Friend Parties

V.T. asks from Dallas

hello, this year for my three year old's birthday party we are going to have a friend party. we are friends with all of her friends parents so i want to invite all of...


Family at a Friend's Birthday Party?

J.D. asks from Boston

My daughter is having a friends birthday party. She has asked me to have a separate get together for family including same age cousins. She wants to make sure she get...