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How Do I Get My 4 Month Old to Feed from the Bottle?

J.P. asks from San Francisco

My 4 month old daughter is too used to the breast and will not feed from the bottle. When we try and give it to her, she fusses, screams and cries until we give her ...


My 3 Month Baby Won't Take the Bottle

Y.L. asks from Sacramento

I'm having trouble getting my 3 month old to take a bottle. I introduced the bottle when he was 4 weeks. He was given a bottle by his grandparents or his dad 2 time...


3 Month Old Won't Take a Bottle

M.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, I have a 3 month old baby girl. I've been breastfeeding almost exclusively. I would like baby to take a bottle when I have to go out sometimes for dr. a...


Almost 9 Month Old with Severe Constipation

K.F. asks from Seattle

Hi, My soon to be 9 month old is severely constipated. This has been going on for about the past month. After no BMs for 5 days, I awoke to him screaming (in pain)...


11 Month Old Won't Take Breastmilk or Formula from Bottle/cup/sippy

S.L. asks from Los Angeles

so my strong willed son started refusing a bottle at around 3 months. I wrote in at the time and received wonderful advice. Unfortunately I was not able to be consi...


I'm Weaning My 11 Month Old. How Do I Get Him to Drink Formula from a Cup?

A.V. asks from Great Falls

I'm weaning my 11-month-old son. It's going fairly well; my body has adjusted to only three feedings a day. My son now nurses upon waking in the morning, at noon, a...


I Can't Find a Bottle That Works for My 7 Month Old. Please Help!

S.D. asks from San Francisco

I started bottle feeding my son formula about 3 weeks ago. He was only breastfed before with occasional pumped bottles. I used Madella bottles. I didn't buy the bigge...


2 Month Old Spitting up Currdled milk....a Lot

P.M. asks from Atlanta

my friend has a 2 month old who is always spitting up and kinda gassy. any ideas he is on a milk based formula now...her ped recommended nutramigen but i told her to ...


Help! 2 Month Old Will Not Take a Bottle!

L.S. asks from Buffalo

Please help if you have any experience with this. My 8 weeks old daughter refuses a bottle. We started giving her a bottle at 4 weeks, everyday until now and are ve...


Seven Month Old Breastfed Baby Won't Take Bottle

C.M. asks from Washington DC

I have just been put on a strong pencillin and cannot feed my seven month old who has only been breastfed up to this point. I have some frozen breast milk but not en...