Toddler: Da Vinci

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Da Vinci Surgery

L.C. asks from New York

Has anyone had a hysterectomy using the Da Vinci method? If so how was your recovery time? Any complications?


Robotic, "Da Vinci' Hysterectomy

C.S. asks from Milwaukee

HI Mama's- After dealing with stage 5 endometriosis for the last 20 years, being done having babies, and being one of the 'lucky' ones who has post baby endo just ...


Crib Advice

E.U. asks from New York

I am shopping for a convertible crib. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to go with the Da Vinci cribs that are sold through Amazon. They got great reviews, as far as co...


Meals for an 8 Month Old

L.J. asks from Washington DC

I am SO confused! I make all my son's food and freeze it, and so far things have worked out really well. He loves food and is a pretty good eater. However, he has n...


Son Almost 3 and Cant Really Talk

G.V. asks from Minneapolis

my son is about to be three years old and he still talks in baby words he says milk and cup,mommy,dad,auntie,grandma,nana.pazza,shoe,at his daycare they feel like the...


Teaching Toddler His Facial Features

L.H. asks from Knoxville

I want to start teaching my son where to find his eyes, nose, mouth, etc... Other than pointing and repeating the facial feature - what are other ways of teaching him...


Seeking Ideas for My 8Yr Old Daughter

L.A. asks from Chicago

My 8yr old daughter is enjoying science in school. This is a good thing as she struggles in math, so this may actually help her in the long run. My question is tha...


11 Year Old Son Trouble Following Instructions

I.R. asks from Dallas

I have a 11 year old son who has trouble following instructions in school & home. He isn't hyper at all so I know that ADHD is out of the question but he does have tr...


My Empty Nursery

M.B. asks from Biloxi

I am having trouble finding quality nursery sets (ie: grow-with-me crib, changing table, chest of drawers, and dresser) that don't cost a bundle. I am willing to spen...


Seeking Preschool in Lakewood/East Dallas

M.W. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 6 months old and I am wanting to get her on a waiting list for a preschool. I know this is already too late for some preschools! Can anyone recommend...