Toddler: Water Toys

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Good Toys for 13 Month Olds....

J.L. asks from Savannah

What do your 13 month old kiddos like to play with? I find that my son gets bored easily with the toys that I have and is much more fascinated with "real" things, li...


How to Bath 14 Month Old in Big Tub?

J.R. asks from San Diego

So my 14 month old dd has been in a bath seat for baths since she was 7 months old. I am afraid to bath her without it because she will try to stand up in the bath t...


14 Month Old Scared of Bathtime

N.S. asks from Las Vegas

My 14 month old daughter slipped in the tub weeks ago (we don't allow her or her twin brother to stand during bath, but she did it anyway and slipped before we could ...


17 Month Old Will NOT Leave Bathtub!

K.S. asks from Cincinnati

Ok, so My son (17 months old) will not leave the bathtub. He loves his bath from the moment he gets in. He makes the usual "shocked" face when I pour water over his h...


Having Problems Bathing My 14 Month Old

S.Z. asks from Chicago

He used to be fine in the bathtub. But since he started walking, it is impossible to bathe him. He won't sit down, wants to walk around...which obviously we can't all...


Need Ideas of How to Keep 21 Month Old Occupied with Broken Leg

R.M. asks from Seattle

My 21 month old broke his leg. He is trying to get around but is getting frustrated especially when he sees his sister running around. Any ideas on activities we can ...


How Often Do You Bathe 2 Year Old Toddler?

Y.P. asks from Los Angeles

will appreciate your replies very much!


How to Bathe a 1 Year-old

B.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mammas. My son just turned 13 months and he's already outgrown his infant tub. He's still too small to put into our tub to bathe so I was wondering what we could...


Outdoor Fun for 1 Year Old

N.A. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I am looking for outdoor play equipment suggestions for my 17 month old. Sandboxes? Tricycles? We have a subdivision playground, so she has access to sl...


6 Month Old - Sleep & Nap Issues

K.P. asks from Seattle

I need some advice on sleep issues for my 6 month old daughter. I feel her sleep is such a mess, I'm not sure where to begin. Granted, she has a minor cold right no...