Toddler: Melissa & Doug

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Melissa & Doug Toys for Sale

M.R. asks from Chicago

Have several Melissa & Doug puzzles, pizza set, barn magnets & building block set for sale. Most have original boxes & in great condition. Also, have Plan Toys mini C...


Toys for 18 Month Old

B.B. asks from Davenport

Does anyone know of attention holding toys for 18 month olds? My daughter does not seem to be interested in ANY of her toys (and she is not lacking too much). She lik...


Toy Ideas for Almost 2 Year Old Son

P.W. asks from Washington DC

Hey Moms, Patrick is 21 months and he is an incredibly active little boy. He loves seeing how things work - working with zippers, snaps, opening and closing doors...


Looking for Advice on Toy Train Set

J.K. asks from Chicago

We're considering investing in a toy train set for the kids and a lot of the reviews we've read favor the Melissa and Doug set. I've never seen it and I'm wondering ...


Traveling with 23 Month Old

D.D. asks from Anchorage

I am just looking for suggestions on traveling with my daughter on a 10 hr or more airplane trip. She will be sitting in our laps so I am a bit worried about keeping ...


20 Month Old on Airplane

A.T. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I am getting ready to travel with my 20 month old son on an airplane. We did not purchase a seat for him; however, I am traveling with 2 other family mem...


Toys/activities for 15 Month Old...

R.P. asks from Chicago

My son is 15 months old and I was wondering what I can do and/or buy to help him to start learning his colors, numbers, letters, etc. (or is it too early?). He also ...


Activities for 21 Month Daughter

L.N. asks from Jacksonville

Help!! I have a very active/inquisitive daughter who is 21 months old and I think she is getting bored. Does any one have any suggestions of fun things i can do with ...


Best Toy Purchase for Your 3 to 5 Year Old

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I'm about to put in a big order on Amazon for several good quality toys that are hard for us to find where we're currently living overseas (and if we do ...


Christmas Shopping

K.H. asks from Phoenix

I have a lot of family members who are starting their Xmas shopping now and are asking me for ideas for my two kids. I've got some good ideas for my three year old gi...