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Avent or Born Free Bottles???

D.G. asks from San Diego

I am due to have my 2nd baby in January and I can't decide which bottles to use. I will be breastfeeding as long as possible but will still need bottles. I used Ave...


Born Free Bottles

M.B. asks from San Francisco

Is anyone else having trouble with Born Free bottles? My son liked them at first but he seems to have a hard time now. I have to change the nipple several times befor...


Born Free BPA Free Plastic Bottles

D.T. asks from Tampa

Has anyone used the Born Free BPA free plastic bottles? Do you like them and if you switched after using another bottle, how did your baby take to the switch? Have ...


Nipple Change for Born Free Bottles

A.A. asks from Chicago

we use the born free bottles and their nipples come in stages (levels 1-3 and 2 extras). my husband and i were havinga dicussion on ifyou HAVE to change nipples. c...


Born Free Bottles

K.W. asks from Omaha

For those of you who use the Bornfree bottles - do you have problems with the nipples collapsing? I am disappointed in the ease of use with these bottles as there ar...


Bottles for Breastfeeding Baby

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am going to be breastfeeding, but I will have to return to work and will need day care to bottle feed my little one with my milk. What bottles do you recommend for...


Bottle Nipple Sizes

B.C. asks from Tampa

Hello, Is there a specific time guide line for the specific sizes for the bottles nipples? I have dr.brown and born free set boxes, but I don't see any info on the bo...


Glass Bottles

N.V. asks from Boston

I'm just wondering if anybody out there use the Evenflo glass bottles. I noticed there is a new glass bottle out called "Born Free" but they are so pricey! My main ...



N.L. asks from Tampa

I need to buy new bottles for my baby (he is 5 months)... Currently I'm using "Born Free" brand... Any other recommendation?? These ones are OK (I'm a new mom and hav...


Seeking Advice on Bottle Nipples

N.H. asks from Washington DC

I have a 4 month old breastfed baby boy. He is fed by bottle during the day at daycare. All of his bottles currently have stage 1 nipples (Born Free). Is it really ne...