Toddler: Benadryl

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R.M. asks from St. Cloud

I have a 2 1/2 year old boy with watery/puffy eyes and want to give benedryl. If any moms know how much of a dose i should give I could use that information. it is ...



M.B. asks from Detroit

My little girl is 8 1/2 months old..we are flying on Friday; she is totally on the move and I have this fear she will not be happy at all on the flight. A friend of ...



J.S. asks from Chicago

Has anyone given their child Benadryl to help a cough? My 2 year old has this horrible persistent cough that has been keeping him up at night. Our doctor's office s...


Infant and Benadryl

M.C. asks from Detroit

My 8 month old son weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces and his doctor prescribed 1/2 teaspoon of Benadryl before bedtime. Everything I read says not to do it unless they are...


Benadryl at Night

D.D. asks from Dallas

My almost 4 year old son has been waking up at night with a stuffy/blocked nose. I have given him Benadryl 1 tsp. for the last two nights and he has slept through th...


Benadryl Question

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

My 3 yr old is sick with a cold and hasn't slept the last two nights (neither have I) She woke up every 20 minutes the first night and last night after putting her b...


Benadryl for Travel?

E.L. asks from Minneapolis

This may sound awful so I am asking for some feedback on this subject. I have a very wiggly 14 month old who can not sit still for 1 minute and we are going on a four...


Benadryl Before Dentist?

S.F. asks from New York

Ok ladies, here's the situation. My 6 year old daughter had 2 cavities filled a few weeks ago, and Saturday she has 2 more. They are the four very back teeth, top and...


Benadryl to a 1 Year Old?

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My husband and I are in a battle over benadryl. Our daughter has hand foot and mouth and she cannot sleep due to the mouth sores and sore throat and overall aches and...


Need Children's Benadryl Dosage

M.F. asks from Houston

Moms, I need your help! I have put a call into the pediatrician, but of course, haven't received a callback yet. I have a 1 yr old who weighs 20 lbs. I need to give h...